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What are idle games?

Click, click, click! Get used to the sound of your mouse buttons as you’ll need to click your way to victory. Idle games, also known as ‘incremental games’, require the player to perform very simple and repetitive tasks, such as continual clicking of the mouse, to level up. Some games even negate the need to click, which is why they’ve become known as idle varieties. Because of the constant mouse noises, some people call these games ‘clickers’, but what makes them so popular? In simple terms, they allow for easy mobile device sessions and because they are undemanding, they appeal to a wide variety of players and guarantee progress. It doesn’t matter whether you’re clicking to plant crops, bake cookies or collect coins, as long as you’re levelling up and making incremental gains within the game, you’re doing well. The really fun part is that these games tend to be endless in terms of levels, meaning that you can get to a point where everything is self-sustaining and continually growing, regardless of your input. This is particularly pleasing in terms of farming games, as you can start with a barren piece of land and watch your crops grow and turn into a whole ecosystem. If you like idle games, Gamepix is the place to be. We’ve sourced a large number of clickers for you to enjoy, and thanks to being presented in an HTML5 format, you don’t need to worry about any browser or device incompatibilities. Instead, you can just sit back and click to your heart’s content, safe in the knowledge that you’re playing free, totally unblocked games that won’t demand too much of you.
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