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What are Board Games?

Some of the most popular games in the world take advantage of a playing surface. Sometimes, the game in question is so complex that you need a board in front of you to keep track of everything – imagine trying to play Monopoly or chess in your head! Sometimes, the playing surface itself serves a crucial function: the balls in a game of pool or snooker need to have something to roll about on, after all.Many of the most compelling video games are straight copies of real-world board-game classics. Digital versions of these games make things a great deal more convenient to set up and pack away, and there’s no chance that any of the pieces will go missing between bouts. And, you can play these wherever in the world you are – even if you’re on the bus or train, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.Of course, the digital version of a board game can do some things that a real board game couldn’t. This means that you’ll get new features and special twists, even if you’re familiar with the classic rules. What’s more, if you’re not familiar with a particular board game, you won’t have to spend much time leafing through a hefty rulebook: on-screen instructions help to make the learning curve easier.Our range of HTML5 board games is diverse enough to please just about everyone. They’re each unblocked and free to play, and they’ll work on just about every browser and device. Included here are card games like Solitaire, as well as replica slot machines and other casino favourites. If you’re looking to play a few rounds of a particular favourite, then take a look; you'll probably find it here! Things you always find in board games The feature common to every board game is that they feature some kind of board! We’ve decided that tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer 40,000 aren’t board games in this sense – they’re more like wargames and RPGs, and so they have their own categories. Board games of the sort we’re talking about here are much simpler than those. They rely on just a few basic elements, and usually they can be picked up in just an hour or so. In many cases, the principles are so simple and elegant that the board game can be mastered in a matter of moments. If you’re reading this then the chances are that you already know at least some of the rules that govern the games here, and you’ll be able to get going straightaway. But if you don’t know the rules, an online version of your game of choice is a great way to get started. So, if you’ve been invited to a poker night in a few day’s time, here’s a great place to learn quickly. GamePix’s Collection of board games Ludo is among the most popular board games around today, and there are several different digital versions of the game here. These include Ludo, Ludo Legend, and a host of others. The game is actually derived from an ancient board game developed in 6th-century India, called Pachisi. From there, it had several radical revamps on its way to becoming the colorful game we know and love today. Race your tokens clockwise around the board, using dice throws. Other games, like Chess Game and Checkers Online, take advantage of a traditional 8x8 grid. Move the pieces around the board and eliminate the opposition if you want to succeed. Also included here are games like Solitaire Master, Algerian Solitaire and Banana Poker. These all take advantage of the popular 52-card deck, and they’ve proven really popular. The ‘Algerian’ variant of Solitaire uses eight tableau stacks and two decks of cards, making it more challenging than the standard game. Solitaire became immensely popular in the 1990s, when it came shipped along with an early version of Windows. Along with Minesweeper, it famously ate up hundreds of hours of productivity in offices around the world. But the most popular digital adaptation of a much-loved board game goes to Mahjong, which boasts a range of versions you can find right here. Mahjong follows very simple principles which can be adapted to a number of forms – there’s always something new to discover! Simply match tiles at the edge of the playing area and remove them from the board. There’s MonsterJong, which packages the classic game in a spooky monster-themed skin; there’s Mahjong Connect, which adapts the game into a slightly different version, where tiles are connected by lines; and there’s Mahjong Alchemy, which is a multiplayer take on the classic. There are 144 tiles, each featuring special characters, and players take it in turns to draw tiles from a deck of 13 and use those tiles to form sets of pairs. Then there’s Mahjong 3D, which does the same thing but in a three-dimensional package, and Mahjong Master 2, which emulates the traditional game as closely as possible. Let’s also mention the classic game of naval warfare, Battleship. In the HTML5 version of the classic game, there are lots of graphical touches to make the experience highly appealing. With a varied cast of characters (including a robot), it provides a bit of context to all of those grid references. Simply select the squares you’d like to bomb, just like you would if you were playing the tabletop version. Finally, it’s worth looking at Sudoku HTML5, which brings the widely-popular numbers-based newspaper puzzle to your digital device. It’s great fun, and there are endless boards to conquer – if you’ve got the brains to work out where to place those numbers!
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