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What are cat games?

Everybody wants to be a cat, because the cat’s the only one who knows where it’s at' – so said the song from Disney’s The Aristocats. It’s a mantra that has been adopted by the video game industry for years, with hundreds of games centred around feisty felines dropping on consoles and home computers over the past few decades.From the very first console games, through the advent of Pokemon and Microsoft’s own attempt at a mascot in Blinx: The Time Sweeper, cats have always found a natural home in gaming. One of the most iconic games of the 16-bit era, in fact, was the adaptation of The Lion King, which is still claiming fresh victims on that blasted second level to this day!The natural flexibility of cats make them the ideal protagonists for video games, particularly the quick and easy HTML5 games found on Gamepix.All of the cat games found here are free and unblocked, featuring some of the best graphics and gameplay possible on the HTML5 platform.You can you play these games at home with your very own cats, while lounging in your living room as they lay curled at your feet. You could also quite comfortably play them on your mobile device whilst waiting for the train or bus, as the beauty of HTML5 is that is will work flawlessly within any browser as long as you have a stable network connection.If you ever wanted to experience what it’s like to be a cat, Gamepix has you covered – you might say they are the purrfect games for you…
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