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What are Sports Games?

Whether you love golf, the NFL or tennis, sports games can help you take on the world’s best competition without leaving your home. The first-ever sports game dates as far back as 1958, when William Higinbotham created Tennis For Two, which was played in a waiting room while people waited to see him in his laboratory. In the 1960s, Crown Soccer Special and Grand Prix made sports games more widely available, before Pong changed the world forever in 1972 by putting sports games in people's homes. In the 1980s and 1990s, Electronic Arts became the face of sports games, particularly thanks to the launch of the Madden NFL series. This continued in the 2000s, with EA Sports and 2K taking over the industry, with popular titles including the FIFA soccer and NBA Live series. Sports games are popular because they allow us to play as our heroes. You can score the winning goal in a World Cup Final, cross the end zone in the Super Bowl or score the winning basket in the NBA Finals. But, not all sports games involve playing as a professional, and you can also manage your favorite team. Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, you’ll love our range of sports games on GamePix. All our sports games are free to play, unblocked and presented in HTML5. As they don’t use Flash, they can run on any browser, desktop, mobile or tablet, so you can play at any time and in any place for free. Get started today and see how quickly you can claim the championships and medals you’ve always dreamed of holding.
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