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What are Strategy Games?

If you love planning, plotting and organization in your gameplay, you are definitely a strategist at heart and will love getting to grips with a game that lets you unleash your inner battle genius. You don’t always have to be on the front line to make a big difference, and by choosing to play a strategy game you can prove that your skills lie in the early, intellectual stages of war, not on the bloody battlefields themselves. Choose an army general from history to emulate or create your own, it doesn’t matter as long as you are rally the troops and come up with a game plan that will crush your opponents as quickly and effectively as possible. Then, it’s up to you to train your troops and make sure that you have a weapons arsenal to make your enemies shudder before heading into battle, but where you fight can be part of the fun. You can choose a game that lets you fight it out on a regular surface, or how about testing your strategy mettle somewhere different, such as up in space? Perhaps you’d prefer to put your troops through their paces in an ancient time, with rudimentary weapons, or what about taking on monsters and mythical beasts? The choice is yours but the goal remains the same in every game: plan an incredible battle, execute a ferocious fight and emerge the victor. Have you got the stomach for war? Here at GamePix, we have brought together some of the best strategy games to test your skills. All presented in HTML5, they are available to play on any device and browser, without the need for additional software downloads. Moreover, they are all totally free to play and unblocked, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to march into battle!
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