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What are gangster games?

Mafia was one of the first gangster films to reach mainstream gamers when it was released in 2002. Even though it’s older than most, it’s one of the very best. You control a fictional gangster called Tommy Angelo and complete levels throughout his rise and fall in the gangster world. Many of the best modern gangster games let us play as some of the most notorious gangsters on the planet. The Godfather, developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts, is an excellent example of this, and world-famous actor Marlon Brando even recorded new dialogue for the game. The game allows players to take over New York district by district. Al Pacino saved his likeness for another title though. In Scarface: The World Is Yours, players are in charge of rebuilding Tony Montana’s empire one step at a time. It starts exactly where the film finished, so you can effectively create your own sequel to a classic. The Grand Theft Auto series took gangster games in a different direction, with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas showing us Rockstar’s version of gang life in a fake version of California. Players can even customize their own character and take part in hundreds of levels to maximize their power. The best gangster games enjoy huge popularity because they’re easy to play and each level provides a different challenge where you can test your skills. On Gamepix, you’ll find free, unblocked gangster games of every sort. Each is presented in HTML5, so all our games run on every browser and every device. You can choose to relive a classic title or enjoy the best modern games. Either way, you’ll love taking over the city and building your own empire.
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