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What are fishing games?

Anybody who has ever played a Legend of Zelda game will tell you that fishing games can be more absorbing than you’d think.Of course, the whole appeal of fishing in real life is to experience an almost Zen-like state of calm and reflection. Fishing is not so much a sport as a meditation – so you might wonder how it sits in the high-paced, adrenaline-fuelled world of video games.The key is in distilling what makes fishing a sport into an experience that delivers instant rewards, and that’s something fishing games have been doing for decades. Fishing games strip the sport to its bare essentials – it’s all about the tackle, the rod and the cast. Everything else boils down to a game of reflexes and determination.Fishing games have been a regular fixture in arcades for years and they have even made the odd appearance on home consoles. Indeed, the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast once thought so much of its Sega Bass Fishing game that it included a fishing rod peripheral in the box!It’s with mobile smartphone gaming and the world of free-to-play HTML5 games that the genre has found its natural home, and at Gamepix, we’ve collected many of the best fishing games around.From straight arcade-style fishing games and more in-depth simulations to games that take the concept of virtual fishing off in strange and wonderful new directions, you’ll be amazed at just how far the genre has been stretched and moulded into a range of interesting shapes and sizes.All of our fishing games are unblocked and ready to go. No installation is required – just click (or tap) to play on any device and any browser. So, whether you’re an experienced fisherman looking to work on your game during the working week or a soccer mom trying to kill a few minutes while waiting to pick up the kids, our fishing games might just be the catch of your day.
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