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What are family games?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t please all of the people all of the time’? Well, the selection of family games on Gamepix disproves it, because there are a host of super-fun, inclusive and non-confrontational games to participate in, either by yourself or with other members of the family. So many genres can fall under the banner of family games, but some classics include card games, find the hidden objects, sudoku and sliding tile varieties. Think great fun that invokes a little harmless competition and you’ll be on the right track, or solo games that test your mental prowess and allow you to brag to everybody else in the household. Generally self-contained and not following complicated storylines, family games let you all come together for some good-natured rivalry. Here at Gamepix we have brought together an enormous selection of games suitable for all members of the family to play. Presented in HTML5 format, none of the games require special software, additional downloads or specific browsers to work. No devices are off limits either, so everybody can be their own smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, safe in the knowledge that the gameplay quality is equal on them all. Free to play and totally unblocked, all family games on Gamepix offer good fun with no concern about expensive bills piling up. The only real question, other than why aren’t you already playing, is which member of your family are you determined to out-perform?
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