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What are airplane games?

Flying a plane is something very few of us will ever get to experience. Not only is it a highly-skilled job, it also requires years of training and can be immensely stressful. That’s why plane games are so popular – they take the basic principles that make flying so naturally compelling and boil them down to their essence. They can also take various forms, whether that’s games that see you chasing down fighter pilots or simply piloting an aircraft for the sheer beauty of it.Plane games can also stretch into the realms of science fiction. This means that the genre also includes overhead shoot-em-up games in the style of the classic Capcom arcade games like 1942, side-on rescue games like Defender and even third- and first-person flight games such as After Burner and Ace Combat.The most popular (and arguably best) plane games, however, are the flight simulators that dazzled us all in the 1990s and continue to grow in popularity and power.These lifelike simulations are also reinforced by a selection of airport games that give players the chance to pilot their own planes, organise flight paths, build airports and even hire the pilots.The plane games you’ll find on Gamepix are all free to play and can be played instantly: there’s no need to download anything, and the flexibility of the HTML5 platform means they can be enjoyed on any device or home computer and any web browser. The options are sky high!
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