Airplane games

The Dream

Most of us grow up wondering what it’s like to fly high above the clouds, like we do in airplane games—dreaming of becoming pilots, even if it’s just for a day. You might have collected toy planes or dressed up for Halloween as a pilot. Perhaps you’ve examined the departure board to follow the flights coming in and out of your local airport. Maybe you were always looking up, scanning the skies for planes you could marvel at. Being a pilot is not an uncommon wish, but sadly very few of us will ever get to experience flying a plane. The role of a pilot is a highly skilled job requiring years of training, all of which is high-intensity and highly stressful. If you think about it, this explains why airplane games are so popular—they allow you to live out your childhood dream.

The Airplane Game Appeal

Online airplane games take the basic principles that make flying games so naturally compelling and boil them down to their essence. This means that you can learn, in very basic terms, how to fly. You will learn which buttons produce each action and you’ll become familiar with the various noises and warning symbols planes can emit. Airplane games allow you to take your place in the cockpit and give you a chance to repeat all of the pilot lingo you learned as a young child.

Airplane games can take various forms, whether the aim of the game is to chase down fighter pilots or whether you’re piloting an aircraft for the fun of it. Whatever it is that you’re most interested in, there’s an online airplane game for it! You may be pulled back in time to fight in World War II, or you might be encouraged to live out your dream of being a super spy, flying away from your undercover mission. Plane games can even stretch into the realms of science fiction as you are placed into the game to defend the planet from alien invasion. You can travel through time and space with online plane games, living out your wildest childhood fantasies.

A History of Airplane Games

The airplane game genre is a vast one, spanning across realism and fantasy—both historical and futuristic. There truly is a game out there for everyone, and the games of the past are still as iconic today as they were back then.

In 1984, Capcom released their arcade game 1942. Set in World War II, the aim is to reach Tokyo in your Lockheed P-38 Lightning and successfully destroy the Japanese air fleet. As well as attacking enemy planes, the player must avoid being shot by performing loops and dodging enemy fire. The game was a huge commercial success and was ultimately ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The most popular—and arguably the best—plane games, however, are the iconic flight simulators that dazzled us all in the 1990s. Their impact and intrigue have continued to grow, keeping them popular with any airplane enthusiast. In 1997, NovaLogic released the combat flight simulation game F-22 Raptor, following the success of F-22 Lightning II. In the game, players must partake in air combat throughout several campaigns, fighting to defend the US. The player is dropped into various fictional wars in areas such as Russia, Jordan and Angola. This Windows game was incredibly well-received across a variety of platforms and could be played in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

These lifelike simulations have also expanded to include airport games, allowing players the chance to become the top pilot in the business, as well as organize flight paths and manage incoming traffic, build airports and even hire other pilots. These games provide both the realistic managerial experience alongside the more exciting, pulse-racing pilot experience. Released in 1999, Fly! is a flight simulator game where the player gets to experience air traffic control and on-board systems. This game provides the whole experience any pilot may want, with a highly detailed interactive cockpit.

The Real Deal

Airplane design has a rich history, and many of the games you play feature a number of real planes that have flown throughout history.

  • Wright Flyer: The Wright Flyer was the first plane to make a successful flight, manufactured and flown in 1903. The plane was designed and created by brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright.
  • Boeing 787 Dreamliner: This airliner was first flown in 2009 and is one of the fastest commercial aircrafts whilst also being quiet and lightweight. The plane also consumes less fuel than its predecessors.
  • Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird: The Blackbird is an American strategic reconnaissance aircraft, first flown in 1966. It holds the record as the fastest air-breathing manned airplane in history, despite being retired from flight in 1999.

GamePix Games

Here at GamePix, you can browse a large selection of free online airplane games. We have stuff for all abilities, interests and ages, so all you need to do is browse our collection and take your pick! Whether you want to perform high-skilled tricks or battle it out, we’ll have something for you—the options are sky high!

If makeovers are more your speed, you can dress-up with Tina – Airlines. Here, you will find yourself designing the plane and styling the flight attendant. If piloting is more your thing, why not try out Airplane Pilot Simulator? Live out your dream of flying a plane and take your seat in the cockpit. Use the dials and joystick to fly and land your plane—and don’t fail your mission! If you’ve always wished to defend your country, you’ll love The Wing Of War. Fly through the clouds and fight off enemies without getting blown up. With the option to play in classic, modern or invasion mode, you can have endless fun.


Can I play airplane games for free?

All our online airplane games are totally free at GamePix! They are available to play anywhere on any browser and device, so you don’t even need to buy or download any extra software. It couldn’t be easier to live out your dreams and soar through the skies!

How can I play airplane games?

All you need to do to play our selection of online airplane games is switch on your device and use a compatible web browser to visit our GamePix website. If you can get online, you can play our airplane games absolutely anywhere—on your way to work, in your room as you wind down for the evening or even in your school library as you take a study break!

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