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What are word games?

Words are something we’re all familiar with. And they make a great basis for games. Whether it’s a board game like Scrabble, or a television game show like Wheel of Fortune, creating and identifying words can be incredibly entertaining. As well as being entertaining, word games can also be educational. You might be looking to build your vocabulary by exposing yourself to new words. If you’re looking to master English as a second language, the right word game can help you to do that.Many classic tabletop games are based around words and letters, like Boggle, Scrabble and Hangman. And what about the crosswords and word searches you’ll find in newspapers? The first crosswords started to appear in the late 19th century, but didn’t settle into the format that we’re all familiar with until much later. Since then, an enormous variety of different versions of the classic puzzle have been created.All of these games have all been adapted to the digital domain over the years. Just look at the success of Words with Friends, a multiplayer version of Scrabble, playable on a smartphone. The game launched in 2009, and swiftly became the top-ranking game on the iOS app store. The appeal is clear: words can be fun, and they’re even more fun when they're presented with a clean, elegant digital interface!The word-based games you’ll find here on the Gamepix site are all available in HTML5, completely unblocked and free to play. Want to see how much fun words can really be? Pick out one of these games and start playing!
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