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What are ninjago games?

Lego is no stranger to success but nobody could have predicted how amazingly popular Ninjago would prove to be. In fact, the 2017 animated film was such a hit that it inspired a huge range of spin-off games that you’ll find here on Gamepix. The games, just like the film, focus on four main characters, each of which is a Spinjitzu ninja with a special elemental power. The secret to success is not just to choose the right character, but also to master their particular skills to defeat enemies and leave them as piles of tiny Lego pieces. For example, Jay, who controls lightning, is particularly effective when you are faced with anything electrical, as he can use his powers to short-circuit the equipment. There is a great deal of logical thought needed in these games, testing not only your hand-eye coordination, but also your critical thinking abilities. Who would have thought that Lego could be so complex? As a happy bonus, any fans of the retro Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will love Ninjago games, because the format has been kept similar. The Spinjitzu even have a spiritual advisor and trainer, though not called Splinter! He is actually Sensei Wu. If you’re tempted to have a go at unleashing your inner Spinjitzu ninja on Gamepix, you’re in luck. We have numerous Ninjago games, all offered in HTML5 so that you can play them on any browser or device and enjoy uninterrupted episodical game playing. Just don’t forget that girls can make great ninjas, too, as Kai, one of the main characters’, sister proves. Go Nya!
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