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What are ninja games?

They are the deadliest fighting force in the world and now, you too can be a ninja, without having to commit to years of training at a special school somewhere up a mountain! Yes, by playing ninja games you’ll be able to high kick and wield your hands like deadly weapons, but there’s more to being a ninja than just using your own body – you can take advantage of specialist weapons as well. If you’ve ever thought that you’d be a natural with a pair of nunchucks or a katana-style sword, now is the time to test your theory, but you might be surprised at some of the other weapons on offer to help you complete your missions. If you can grab it, you can wield it! Here at Gamepix, we have collected a huge range of ninja games for you to use to test your skills. Whether you want a traditional fighting game, a story-based adventure or even something that will have you attempting to use your stealth abilities, you’ll find it here and in a variety of graphic styles. From cartoon imagery to 3D realism, you’ll find every style of ninja game ready and waiting for you, but do you have what it takes to don the ninja-yoroi (your special clothes and armour) and dodge and dart to avoid your enemies? Only time will tell! At Gamepix, we have brought plenty of ninja games together, all presented in HTML5 for your playing convenience. No extra software will be required and regardless of what device or browser you are playing on, you’ll enjoy responsive and uninterrupted gaming. Our games are all free to play and totally unblocked, so you can just click and go. Here’s a ninja fact to get you started on your mission: did you know that ninja clothe soften have flashes of red on them to conceal any injuries that a warrior might receive? Clever stuff!
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