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For almost more than three decades, Mario has been enthralling gamers across the world with his distinctive brand of platform-based fun. He made his entrance as the star of 1981’s Donkey Kong, under the name ‘Jumpman’. The pixel-count and colour limitations of the time made it necessary to give him distinctive sideburns, hat and mustache – but these features have become part of Mario’s distinctive brand, and we can’t imagine him without them.The early arcade appearances weren’t heavy on story – you simply had to avoid the barrels that Donkey Kong threw while climbing up to the top of the level. Since then, the Mario games have picked up a hefty amount of background lore. He lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is ruled by Princess Peach, inhabited by friendly mushroom-headed people known as Toads, and under constant threat from the nefarious Bowser.Luigi, Mario’s brother, made an appearance in the original Mario Bros game in 1983, where the two were depicted as Italian-Americans living in New York. The franchise, like many of Nintendo’s most successful series, is the brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto, who remains an influential figure within the company. Over a lengthy career, gaming’s most famous plumber has turned his hand to a wide range of pastimes, and been joined by a growing ensemble cast in the process. He’s been a racing driver, a golfer, a physician, a tennis player, a fighter, and many other things besides – but he’ll always be best known for jumping on Goombas and rescuing hapless princesses from dinosaur tyrants.Gamepix provides a range of unblocked games featuring Nintendo’s most famous character. Since these are HTML5 games, you’ll be able to run them on just about any platform or device. Whether you’re looking to relive the magic of those early classics, or catch up on Mario’s latest exploits, the perfect place to do it is right here!
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