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What are block games?

Tetris was the world’s first block game when it was released in 1984. To this day, it is one of the most popular games ever created and has sold almost 200 million copies worldwide. The aim of all block games is simple. Blocks of different shapes and sizes fall from the top of the screen and players need to drop them in certain areas so they all fit neatly together. Once a line is formed, it clears and the blocks above fall down a level. Once all the blocks have fallen, the level is completed. But, if the blocks reach the top of the screen because of gaps in lines, the player fails the level and has to start again. As a player progresses through the levels, more block variations appear and they fall quicker. Many block games released since Tetris also feature famous characters and themes, such as Mario and Minecraft. Block games are popular with gamers because of the speed of play. Levels are usually finished in a minute or two, so you can complete a whole game in a couple of hours or just play a few levels while you wait for a friend. These games also start with slowly falling objects, so they’re easy to learn how to play before the speed increases and you can test your skills. At Gamepix, our block games are free, unblocked and presented in HTML5, so you can play on any device. Plus, there’s no need to download anything and you don’t need to install Flash to play. Instead of complex storylines and complicated instructions, all you need to do is pick your game of choice from our collection and start working your way through the levels.
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