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What are jewel games?

Jewel games are a very specific sub-genre of tile-matching computer games. The Bejeweled series, launched in 2001, is one of the first examples of these glitzy and addictive ways to while away some time. Tile-matching games have always been popular and have an amazing legacy, thanks to the global phenomenon that was Tetris. Jewel games build on the competitive element of regular matching games and add in pretty graphics – its hard to play one level and step away. You can choose between playing regular games, where you have to switch gems around in a grid, to make rows of uniform colors and shapes for points, or you can add some excitement with time trial mode. As you get more skilled in the games, you can start making longer chains of gems, unlocking extra bonuses and benefits and start clearing your grids faster and with a higher score at the end and that’s when the leader boards will start displaying your name. To access a large selection of unblocked and totally free HTML5 jewel games, Gamepix is the place to be. You won’t need to download any new software or Flash players and it doesn’t matter what device or browser you’re using, as you’ll enjoy uninterrupted game play. The only problem you might encounter is not being able to stop until you hit a certain level. And then another level. And one more after that. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
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