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Jewel Games are Fun!

Tile-matching games are a phenomenon of the recent age. If you have ever had idle time on your phone, the chances are you have experienced some form of jewel game. The goal is for players to swap adjacent tiles until you can match three images in a row. These tiles will then vanish, causing a ripple effect of changing gems, crystals and diamonds. People of all ages play jewel games for fun, but they also offer a sense of relaxation, escapism and calm in a busy, non-stop world.

No matter which jewel game you choose, your game will reward quick thinking, forward planning and also a little bit of luck! You score points every time you match a line of gems. When new chains form and more gems are matched, the gems vanish in a spectacular multicolored cascade and you watch as your score gets higher and higher. This is why the game can be so addictive, and why people cannot wait to complete the level they are playing—and move on to the next one. The number of online gamers worldwide increases by millions of users each year—and this is largely due to the huge impact of jewel games.

Jewel Games on GamePix

Dozens of jewel games are available to play immediately and for free. Start matching those tiles and you’ll see why these games are so popular! There are games for children, for students and for great-great grandparents. Regardless of your occupation, your income or your homelife, it is likely you have experienced some kind of jewel game on a mobile phone—and if not, now is the perfect time to try one! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Why not try Jewel Aquarium! Swap and match cute, adorable fish of the same color to form a chain of three or more. As you start to match fish you will be rewarded with explosive power-ups! There is no timer, which can make games stressful, but the fish are helpful enough to give you a clue of where to play next if they feel you need a hint!
  • Jewel Duel is a puzzle game based on the hugely successful Bejeweled, but with extra challenges, variations and storytelling. Instead of a simple grid you are given a choice of three characters to control. Will you pick the burly warrior, the feisty assassin or the wise old sorcerer? Each has their own strengths and weaknesses as they help guide you through a unique jewel game.
  • One of the bubbliest games you will ever play is Jewel Bubbles 3! Match three bubbles—or even match four or five! You play by simply tapping on the bubble you’d like to swap and drag bubbles in the direction you’d like them to go. The longer you play, the more special bubbles you will find. Each new discovery leads to more spectacular and satisfying results.

What You Need

We have a wide selection of jewel games to discover here on GamePix. They rely on a few basic elements and can usually be picked up in seconds. Whether playing for fun, to relieve stress or to try and beat your high score, there are hours of fun to be had lining up crystals, matching gems and creating satisfying chains. And best of all, they’re all absolutely free to play!

All of our online jewel games are browser games, available on any device with a web browser. All you need is to choose which game to play and start having fun!

The History of Jewel Games

In 2001, a game called Bejeweled changed the gaming world forever. The browser-based puzzle game has been downloaded more than 150 million times and has been adapted to many platforms and devices. The creators once offered the franchise to Microsoft for fifty thousand dollars, and Microsoft turned them down. Just a decade later, they ended up selling the company to Electronic Arts for more than one billion dollars!

Another game to make an astronomical impact in the gaming world is Candy Crush Saga, downloaded over three billion times since being released on Facebook. In its first ten years the game generated an estimated ten billion dollars of revenue—and it is still going strong today! With over 8000 levels, players are offered an almost never-ending challenge. With new content being updated regularly, players are always being offered something new.

In 2004, Jewel Quest was released on PC. This stood out among other jewel games with its adventurous storyline. Players follow the lives of two explorers, Rupert and Emma, as they look for artifacts and try to solve puzzles around the world! The style of this game may be somewhat familiar to fans of the Indiana Jones franchise. Jewel Quest is known to be slightly more challenging, with more strategic planning required than Bejeweled, and is considered one of the most immersive, fun and addictive games of all time! As the game progresses, new variations are introduced to make gameplay increasingly difficult, with irregularly shaped grids and squares in hard-to-reach places making life trickier for even the most skillful of players!

Playing Games is Good for Your Brain!

There is an undeniable simplicity to jewel games, but they activate a part of your brain that may otherwise have remained unused. With some levels you need to take some time away from the game and come back, fresh and determined that this time you will get to the all-important next level. It can be intellectually stimulating to analyze the jewels on the board and to identify potential matches of how to play each game. Children can learn from online jewel games too, with the games challenging their reflexes and decision making.


Why are jewel games so popular?

Part of the reason for the astonishing success of online jewel games is that anyone can play. Jewel games build on the competitive element of regular matching games that have been popular for decades. It is hard to play just one level and then step away. If you find yourself playing over and over, you are not alone! As you begin to develop your skills as a player and start to predict and identify patterns, you will be able to create longer chains of gems, unlocking extra bonuses and benefits. This ultimately results in you being able to clear your grid faster. There is always an element of luck to jewel games too, and that is all part of the fun!

Can children play jewel games?

Children love jewel games. Why not try seasonal games, such as Jewel Halloween, Jewel Christmas Story and Jewel Christmas Mania to give the children in your life an extra holiday treat! As long as they are playing safely there is no reason children can’t happily find endless entertainment playing these fun and challenging games here at GamePix.

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