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What are casino games?

Many of the world’s most popular games still exist in the same state they did decades ago. And a sizeable portion of these can be found in the same building: the casino. In these grand, windowless complexes, you could quite easily spend hours, or even days – and blow your life savings while you're inside…!Just about every human society ever recorded has indulged in some form of gambling. The world’s most famous gambling city, Las Vegas, emerged when the American state of Nevada legalised gambling in the 1930s, and the city’s money-making formula has since been replicated across the world.Real-life casinos are mostly operated by human croupiers – but you’ll find large sections of floorspace devoted to one of the earliest forms of automated entertainment: the slot machine. These devices have been around for more than 100 years, long before the digital microprocessor came to be. And they’ve become more varied and sophisticated as time has gone on.But no casino would be complete without a few of the classic games. Tastes vary across the world, but the ubiquitous 52-strong card deck features heavily, along with the spinning roulette wheel. The gambling industry has been quick to adapt many of these classics to an electronic format, so that you can play roulette, blackjack and poker from the comfort of your home. Probably the first of these was a version of Blackjack for the Fairchild Channel F, which launched in 1976. Since then, casino games have come on a long way!Here at Gamepix, we’ve assembled a collection of HTML5 games that capture the atmosphere of the casino – but which don’t require that you gamble any real money. If you’re looking for unlocked, free-to-play games based around those much-loved casino classics, you’ll find them right here.
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