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What are dragon games?

Game of Thrones has resulted in the resurgence of swords and sorcery. It’s a show that has made fantasy cool again, and also reminded us how awesome dragons are.Dragons are great – they're gigantic flying lizards that breath fire! They are also mythical creatures that work perfectly as video-game characters.From the on-rails shooting of Panzer Dragoon to the 3D platforming fun of Spyro the Dragon, it’s not as if the great winged beasts have been underrepresented in the past. But it's only in recent years as the HBO fantasy drama has reached the height of its popularity that dragons have found favour with modern gamers.Gamepix plays host to some of the very best games featuring these fire-breathing titans, all of which have been programmed in HTML5 to run on any web browser with a stable internet connection. They can also be played on any device using either touch controls or a mouse and keyboard.Unblocked to provide hours of gameplay, our range of dragon games focus on all of the incredible things that make the idea of being a dragon for a few hours so appealing: From games that task you with scorching enemies to more child-friendly platform gems and even modern takes on the classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG formula.There is a reason why dragons are continually coming back – they are the perfect fantasy creature. Unicorns might be cuter but dragons are just undeniably cool. Why wouldn’t you want to pretend to be one for a few minutes?Whether you’re more of a Spyro or a Drogon, Gamepix has the dragon game that will have your soaring and scorching with glee.
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