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What are trivia crack games?

After its release in 2013, Trivia Crack quickly became one of the world’s most popular games. The aim of the game is simple – obtain all six characters on the wheel by answering trivia questions. Each character represents a category such as art or history, so you can test all parts of your knowledge. To win a character, a player needs to answer three questions in a row or land on a special section on the wheel. Players can also compete in challenges throughout the game. During a challenge, players stake characters against each other and answer six questions (one from each category). Whoever answers the most questions correctly is the winner and claims both characters. The game ends when a player has claimed all six characters from the wheel. If this hasn’t happened after 25 turns, then a challenge decides the winner. Trivia Crack is so popular because people can challenge their friends, plus, there are hundreds of thousands of questions, and you even have the chance to create your own. This means it’s a different experience each time you play and you’ll love getting the better of your friends and family with your skills and knowledge. On Gamepix, our trivia crack games are free and unblocked. They offer the same fun and challenge as Trivia Crack, but they’re presented in HTML5, so they run on any browser or device. Our selection of trivia crack games includes some of the best titles available and you can play at any time, in any place, on any device. With simple gameplay, lots of fun to be had and a chance to learn new things, you’ll find yourself playing trivia crack games for hours on end.
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