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What are Retro Games?

Retro games are a fantastic way to evoke that bubbling feeling of nostalgia that you get from recognizing something from the past. But even if you don’t have any memories of the games of yesteryear (because you weren’t yet born), you can still enjoy the great games we’ve got in this part of the site on their own merits, and perhaps enjoy a little slice of history. After all, those classic games couldn’t have stuck in all of our memories if they weren’t fantastic fun! Arguably the earliest video game to enjoy commercial success was Atari’s Pong, from 1972. It featured two paddles on either side of the screen, and a small square pixel that bounced between them. At the time, you couldn’t simply enjoy a gaming session in the comfort of your home, and you definitely couldn’t pull a games system out of your pocket while on the train. Instead, you had to take a trip down to the local arcade and pump coins into a cabinet. Such was the appeal of this new technology that many players, children and adults, decided to do just that, and a whole new subculture was born nearly overnight. It might have been difficult to imagine at the time that gaming would ever become the multi-billion-dollar industry that it is today. That it did is a consequence of the landmark games and systems which built on the success of those early efforts. HTML5 makes for a perfect way to play those classic retro games. With its help, you won’t need to track down those rare and poorly-maintained old systems. You won’t even need to bother with any cumbersome downloads or installations: just select a game from the list of retro classics we’ve got here, and start playing!
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