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What are farm games?

Old MacDonald had a farm and now you can have one, too. If you ever gave in to all those FarmVille requests on social media platforms, you’ll know just how addictive it is to take a piece of virtual land, tend to and nurture it and create a living, breathing farm that becomes self-sustaining. Add in a few unusual crops and some animals and you’ve really got something, but you don’t just have to challenge yourself. Yes, managing your own rural estate will be hard work enough, but why not add a little competition into the mix? In some games, you can choose to compete against rival farms or sell your goods, and don't forget you’ll have a wealth of pests to contend with as well. It never ends when you hoe your own soil! For something more relaxed and low-key, how about looking after a few honey-bee hives, planting an orchard or sowing a few vegetable seeds? Games like this are perfect to play with the kids as well, as it will get them interested in agriculture and where their food comes from – you never know, they might want to become farmers when they’re older! Simple sowing and picking games are great for gamers of all ages, offering easy rewards and a sense of accomplishment, but don’t shy away from trying to be master of your own farmyard empire. It’s an open-world format with a difference! Here at Gamepix, we have a large selection of farm games ready to play on any device or browser, thanks to them all being presented in HTML5. There’s no need for any extra software downloads and all of our games are totally free and unblocked, so you’ve got no excuse. It’s time to harvest some extra fun in your downtime!
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