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What are music games?

Music games really stepped into the spotlight when the 2005 Guitar Hero inspired new generations of would-be rock stars to pick up their fake instruments and start strumming away to heavy metal band DragonForce. The only problem was that the equipment, consoles and game itself proved expensive, especially when new versions were being regularly released. Here at Gamepix, we have the solution that lets you tap into your previously unearthed musical genius, all without needing to spend any money whatsoever. What’s more, you won’t be limited to guitars! From DJ mixing games through to band challenges, you’ll find something to push the talents of everyone. Novice musicians and professional performers alike will love creating new music, blending beats, playing instruments that they’ve always fancied having a go at and best of all…every musical genre is represented. Rap, rock and jazz; they’ve all got an audience, and you'll find them all here. At Gamepix, we have brought together the biggest selection of music games possible, to cater to everybody. Regardless of style of game, all are presented in an HTML5 format, to guarantee seamless gameplay and no missed notes and you won’t be at the mercy of downloading any new software. Every device and browser will be fully compatible with our music games and you won’t be expected to pay for or unblock any of them. You also won’t need to invest in expensive instruments just to see if playing them is as fun as you always thought it would be and let’s be honest; a handheld device takes up a lot less room than a piano!
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