Music games

Taking Center Stage

Music games have been incredibly popular since they rocketed into the mainstream in the mid-2000s. The appeal of titles such as 2005’s Guitar Hero and 2009’s DJ Hero was so huge, it even drew in people who weren’t typically gamers! The root of this wide appeal was the immersive experience of truly becoming a performer.

Players of titles like Guitar Hero didn’t just use an ordinary controller to hit the right notes and deliver a flawless performance. A variety of controllers styled as instruments were released alongside the games. This meant that you could feel as if you really were taking the stage as you played. There was a huge selection of controllers to choose from, namely:

  • Several different models and types of guitars,
  • Drum kits,
  • Microphones,
  • Even miniature DJ decks!

Coupled with the impressive library of songs available to play, the Hero series of music games defined the genre and is still iconic to this day.

No More Barriers to Entry

Music games and their explosion in popularity weren’t without their drawbacks, however. Like learning to play music in the real world, simulating the experience virtually came with a hefty price tag for the full package. Alongside this, you would need a fair amount of space to properly store all of the instrument controllers you’ve picked up for your jam sessions.

Even beyond just the initial price, constant updates and new generations of consoles made cost an even bigger problem. Music games, especially the Hero series, would very frequently release music tracks as downloadable content. As well as this, streams of new instruments were released overtime to offer more variety in styles of play.

In the end, simulating the experience of playing music became almost as expensive as learning how to play in the real world. Since that time, solutions to these problems have been developed in the form of online browser games!

The Concert Never Ends!

Here at GamePix, we have a whole host of music games for you to choose from. It could be that you’re brand new to playing music games. You might also be a virtual music maestro and eager to revisit the glory days of Guitar Hero’s popularity. Either way, you’ll find exactly the variety you’re looking for among these music games.

Even better, there’s no more giant price tags to worry about, nor will you need infinite storage space. You’ll be able to take to the stage whenever you like, regardless of your musical preferences! These music games are also developed with a range of skill levels in mind. As a result, you’ll find simple, easy-to-learn control schemes across the entire collection.

If you’re looking to be a virtual performer and impress the crowd with your skill at hitting all the right notes, look no further than GamePix. As soon as you get started, you’ll find you won’t want to stop the music!

Battle of the Bands

If you’re wanting to take on the role of performer in a band or as a solo artist, GamePix has plenty of online music games for you to try out! Start your musical journey today, and you’ll be:

  • Shredding away on your guitar,
  • Keeping to the beat on your drum kit,
  • Playing beautiful music scores on your piano.

In these music games, you’ll have the opportunity to play along with catchy tunes, or even make your own! Whether you’re a brand new novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll easily adjust to the simple controls. Before you know it, you’ll be flawlessly playing along to the beat!

You Are the DJ

You won’t just be limited to traditional instruments either! If you’d prefer to ditch the stage for the DJ deck, GamePix has got you covered. Once you’ve found your favorite way to play, you’ll be blending beats and mixing musical magic for hours!

Same as with our selection of band-playing music games, your skill level doesn’t matter when you first jump into virtual DJ-ing. You’ll never want to step out from behind the deck once you’ve found your rhythm. Best of all, you won’t need to buy an expensive deck to get yourself started here at GamePix!

Find Your Rhythm

If you’d prefer to take your rhythm away from making music, you’ll find a range of other music games too! Some of these music games will immerse you in a platformer-like experience, but with a rhythmic twist. You’ll need to keep in time as you traverse stages or move across musically inspired environments. Other music games will see you riding across a static track, and it’ll be up to you to make sure you’re passing through the right checkpoints as the beat kicks in!

These titles are perfect for those who love to keep to the beat, but prefer a more traditional gaming experience.

Make Your Favorite Music

The best part about the range of GamePix online music games is the variety of genres on offer for you to explore. Regardless of the kind of music you prefer, these music games are guaranteed to have something you’ll enjoy!

You may like to try out guitars and drum kits if you’re a rock or metal lover. On the other hand, DJ decks and rhythm games are perfect for fans of pop or techno music. If you have a more classical taste, then playing along on the piano will be right for you.

The possibilities are almost endless, and so are the potential combinations. Your favorite genre of music, combined with that instrument you’ve always wanted to try, could be what you need to make your masterpiece. At the very least, you’ll be impressing the crowds and having fun!

Musical Madness at GamePix

Here at GamePix, our collection of music games is designed to cater to everyone’s tastes. There’s no question that you’ll find the music and the instruments you love. These music games, alongside all of the GamePix library of online browser games, are available to play on any device and on any browser. You’ll be able to play anywhere and everywhere, whether you’re at home or on-the-move. There’s never been a faster or more convenient way to immerse yourself in the experience of being a true performer!


Are music games free?

The entire GamePix library of online music games is completely free-to-play and accessible to all! Every beat and every note you seamlessly hit will always be free.

Why are music games so widely played?

Many people find it difficult to work on their musical skills, largely due to the expenses involved. As well as this, it takes a significant amount of time to master an instrument. Thanks to music games, you’ll be able to easily make your own music and have fun while doing it! With no cost and no barrier for entry, music games being so accessible is what has made them so enduringly popular.

What are the most popular music?