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What are mining games?

With mining games, you can tunnel for safety or dig for treasure. Mining games are relatively new to the market, but there’s still a great range of titles to try. Almost all mining games were influenced by Minecraft. Released by Mojang in 2011, this sandbox video game allowed players to dig and build in a fight for survival. The game was truly revolutionary and voted as one of the most influential and greatest video games in history. Thanks to Minecraft, modern games provide a range of great options that have added to the genre. FarSky and A Tale of Survival both put players in a foreign environment where they need to collect resources, build bases and hunt for food, while Underground Keeper brings Minesweeper to a 3D environment, so you can solve puzzles from a first-person perspective. If you’re more interested in claiming a fortune, then you can try Gold Rush: The Game, which is a realistic gold-mining simulator set in Alaska. If you’d like more insight into the world of mining, then you’ll love Mining Industry Simulator by Crafty Studios. It’s as realistic as it gets and you’ll really enjoy learning something new. Mining games are popular because they help players unlock their creativity. On Gamepix, our range of mining games includes something for everyone. Each title is free, unblocked and presented in HTML5, so all our games run on any browser and device. You can relive the classics, try modern games and play something really unique. They also don’t take long to get started, so you can play whenever you have free time. But, having said that, you may find yourself playing for hours on end!
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