Gymnastics games

Calling All Gymnasts!

Gymnastics games are a great way for us mere mortals to get some idea of how professional gymnasts feel when executing the incredible moves that we see on TV.

The Safest Gymnastics Are Armchair Gymnastics

Maybe you’ve watched the Olympics and found yourself thinking that you could pull off some of the gymnastic moves you saw. If so, that’s the sort of thought that can land you in a lot of trouble! Even attempting any of the gymnastics you see performed at that level would be a recipe for injury for the almost any of us. Olympic gymnasts are quite literally the gold standard for physical flexibility, proportional strength and joint stability. Their bodies have been conditioned from years of work on the Olympic rings and parallel bars. If you’re reading this then yours probably hasn’t.

For The Joy of Movement

Gymnastics games are great for the same reason that the sport of gymnastics itself is great. The absolute harmony of body and mind needed to create utterly perfect movement is awe-inspiring. When you watch a truly skilled gymnast, you almost start to believe that gravity doesn’t apply to them. Their mastery of the laws of physics seems like it comes from another world.

Gymnastics As A Game

Gymnastics isn’t the most obvious subject matter for a sports game, but it’s a really good fit for the medium of video games when you think about it. You can understand the movements of gymnastics so much better in a game than you would be able to if it was your actual head spinning through the air! Then there’s the opportunity it represents — most of us can play soccer and basketball well enough to have fun in real life if we want to, but how many of us have access to a gymnastics setup? Even if you do, you probably don’t have the time, or even enough interest, to get good at gymnastics. It takes a lifetime to master, after all!

In a gymnastics game, you can take your time mastering every discipline, from ribbon work to floor routines and tumbling, before taking on challenges and even entering the Olympics yourself. All this without ever needing to wear spandex!

By getting to grips with some simple controls, you’ll be able to create full gymnastic routines and nail those perfect landings — do it enough and you’ll be winning gold medals in no time. Just try not to get too animated as you play. You don’t want to be the world’s first gymnastics video game injury!

Gymnastics Games

Here at Gamepix, we have a massive selection of top-tier gymnastic games for you to try;

  • If you just want to tread the bar and try to land on your feet, you’ll find an option that lets you do that, with a range of simple games that teach you the basics.
  • If you want something just a little more advanced, you can choose a game like Backflip Adventure, which simulates the physics of the titular power move, teaching you each of the stages of a successful flip.
  • Perhaps you like to put a little street on your gymnastics and love the energy and fearlessness of parkour. We have games like Parkour Climb And Jump that will have you mastering your butterfly twists and gainers in no time
  • Our gymnastics games section also contains ice skating, of course! We know it’s not really gymnastics but who can watch figure skating and not see the same beautiful, fluid movement that you see in gymnastics? Our ice skating games include Skating Hero which sees you take to the ice in classic, smooth-gliding figure skating action.
  • Continuing the winter-sports-that-feel-gymnastic theme, Slalom Hero has you conquering that iconic winter sport, slalom ski racing.
  • Maybe weightlifting is more your speed? We have a great selection of games about Olympic lifting. We also have some slightly more lighthearted takes on the world of strength training, including games like Gym Mania, where it’s cute cartoon animals that are in the gym, albeit an adorable woodland gym, complete with raw timber lockers!
  • Maybe you’ve been searching high and low for a free online javelin game? My friend, your search is at an end. We have one. It’s right here.

Every single one of our gymnastics games are completely free to play. They all work straight from your browser with absolutely nothing to download or update, ever. From the weightlifting games to the ice skating games, they will all work on whatever browser or device you are using. You can play them literally anywhere that you can get on the internet. On the bus, on the train, on the top of a mountain.

Your Future Career As An Olympic Gymnast

If, after all this, you’re still thinking that you really could get off your sofa and physically do the things that an Olympic gymnast does then it’s possible that you love gymnastics too much and that there’s just no saving you. We just ask that you first give one of our free, browser gymnastics games a try first. If you play them all and they’re all too easy, then we probably can’t stop you attempting a double pike for the first time in your living room, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

In the meantime, you have hours of fun ahead of you with our unbeatable range of free online gymnastic games. Enjoy!


Are there any gymnastics video games?

Yes there are! There are actually more gymnastics video games than you might think. They aren’t as big as Madden or FIFA but they’re out there… and here! Right here on GamePix, we have an outstanding selection of gymnastics games and gymnastics-related games. They all work straight out of your browser with nothing to download or update ever and they are all one hundred percent free!

How do you play gymnastics games?

There will be different controls for each gymnastics game you play, even without changing platform. Of course if you do switch, then the controls can be very different indeed. All of the gymnastics games here on GamePix have simple, intuitive controls that are easy to learn — although often difficult to master! How you play them is just as simple — they’re browser games so all you need to do is click on the game you want to play. There’s nothing to download and nothing to pay either!

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