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What are restaurant games?

There’s more to running a successful restaurant than just cooking, so if you’ve ever thought you could turn a profit running an eatery, restaurant games might be the perfect way for you to prove it. The question is, who will you play as? Take a turn as a busy server and you’ll need to keep your cool as you present dishes to customers in lightning-quick time, while not spilling, getting orders wrong or letting anything get too cold. If this sounds too easy, then take up your rightful place as the manager of a restaurant and juggle multiple plates. Hiring staff, choosing menus, keeping customers happy and taking a turn at the stove, you’ll have to be a master of everything to make your restaurant the most successful in the game. Just remember that success in the hospitality trade is centered around the number of customers you have, so you need to get the diners in, get them fed and send them back out of the door happier than they were when they walked in. With time limits, multiple levels to conquer and multiple activities to tackle all at the same time, these are not games for the faint-hearted! Here at Gamepix we have brought together some of the best restaurant games available, all in HTML5 format to ensure uninterrupted gameplay on every browser and device. Games are free to play, require no new software downloads and are totally unblocked, for your enjoyment. So grab your server’s pad, strap on an apron and get ready to savour the taste of restaurant success – and make sure you don't leave anyone hungry!
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