Restaurant games

There’s more to running a successful restaurant than just cooking—so if you’ve ever thought you could turn a profit running an eatery, restaurant games might be the perfect way for you to prove it. Playing restaurant games is the best way to gain an insight into the busy restaurant industry without the soul-destroying effort of working within it. It will give you all the appreciation of your servers while sparing you the anxiety involved in working as one! The question is, who will you play as? There are a few different roles you can take on:

  • Server
  • Manager
  • Chef

There are so many different aspects to restaurant work that you could experience virtually! Have a browse of our tantalizing menu of games and sink your teeth into the one that whets your appetite the most!

Person Specification

Depending on the role that you select, you’ll be doing very different things. Take a turn as a busy server and you’ll need to keep your cool! There are many different aspects to the server job. You will need:

  • Lightning-quick reflexes: It will be your job to present dishes to customers in double-quick time, so you’ll need to be swift on the uptake and be able to respond to requests as fast as you can! Customers really hate it when their food arrives cold, so your speed is very important.
  • Good spatial awareness: While you’ve got to be speedy, people also want their drinks and food to arrive as it was intended to be served! You’ll have to watch your elbows and make sure that you deliver your customers’ orders without spilling or dropping any items!
  • A good eye for detail: The worst thing you could possibly do as a server is… well, probably drop food on your guests, but the second-worst thing you could do is get an order wrong! To work as a server in restaurant games it’s very important to be watchful and make sure you’re delivering what people are asking for!

If this sounds too easy, then take up your rightful place as the manager of a restaurant and juggle a number of responsibilities. You’ve got to keep a lot of things in mind, including:

  • Hiring staff: You’ve got to be a very good judge of character to manage a restaurant well in restaurant games! Is this person right for the job? Will they stay for very long? Do they work well in a team? Are they a deadbeat?! All of these questions will be running through your head as you consider the applicants in front of you.
  • Choosing menus: This is a key skill for any manager! The food and drink are ultimately what keep your clientele coming back, so you’ve got to be sure to select only the best items to make sure that all of your customers are well-fed and happy! Will you go for a niche cuisine, or will you aim to have as diverse a menu as possible?
  • Keeping customers happy: The idea that the customer is always right is thrown around a lot, and because people generally do know what makes them happy there is some truth to it. But great managers don’t just give their customers things they already know they love—they treat them to exciting new culinary experiences too!
  • Taking a turn at the stove: As a manager you will have a lot on your plate keeping things running smoothly, but sometimes it really is best to go down to the kitchen yourself and get involved. This can be tricky, however; getting dishes ready for service and keeping an eye on various foods to make sure nothing burns, all while preparing other things to go on the stove!

You’ll have to be a master of all trades to make your restaurant the most successful in the game. Just remember that success in the hospitality business is centered around the number of customers you have, so you need to get the diners in, get them fed and send them back out of the door happier than they were when they walked in. With time limits, multiple levels to conquer and multiple activities to tackle all at the same time, these are not games for the faint-hearted!

The Whole Menu

Even better, you have the chance to operate a truly specialized restaurant in the games here on GamePix! From fries to fro-yo, you can give lots of different places a try by playing restaurant games! Here are a few of the foods you could choose to specialize in:

  • Candy: Ever since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, people have been dying to own their own candy stores! Sweet Shop 3D gives you the chance to live out that fantasy, so you’ll be stocking your shelves with all sorts of delicious goodies in no time!
  • Pizza: Who doesn’t love pizza? In Papa’s Pizzeria, you play as harried worker Roy, whose boss has taken off and disappeared, leaving just a note—and the responsibility for the pizzeria solely in your hands! This can’t be legal, and yet, this is the position you find yourself in. Help Roy to take orders, make up the pizzas and cut them all by himself! It’s hard work, but you can do it!
  • Burgers: Playing restaurant games about burgers is sure to have your mouth watering! In Burger Clicker your goal is to gain as much money for your burger business as you can! You do this by clicking the burger on your screen every time it yields money—until you can expand your business to buy more items, like fries and drinks! Keep clicking and getting more coins in this idle restaurant game!

And those are only a few of the items on our luxurious menu! There’s no rush here at GamePix, so browse at your leisure and feel free to try out whichever delicious dish you desire!

Time to Get Involved…

Here at GamePix we have brought together some of the best restaurant games available for you to sample and enjoy. The best part of all is that your food is completely free! You don’t get that at a restaurant in the real world! All of our games are completely free to play online. No sides? No problem! None of our restaurant games require you to download anything, so you’ll be cheffing it up in no time! You can also play on any device at all, so if you’ve got an internet connection and a browser you’ll be able to play restaurant games all day long! What are you waiting for? Grab your server’s pad, strap on an apron and get ready to savor the taste of restaurant success—and make sure you don't leave anyone hungry!


What are restaurant games?

Restaurant games are games that are set in a restaurant. Often your goal is to serve as many customers as possible while ensuring you get their orders right—and keep them happy!

How can I play restaurant games?

You can play restaurant games right here on GamePix! No need to worry about downloading anything or paying any money—all of our games are completely free to play and are available online, day or night!

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