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What are snake games?

Gamers of a certain age might recall the mobile phones popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Equipped with just a tiny monochrome LCD screen and a few buttons, these devices were limited in their game-playing ability. But there was one game which thrived on the format: Snake. Snake relies on a simple concept. You play a snake that moves along a grid, eating randomly placed snacks. Every time you eat a snack, your tail gets a little longer, and you begin to move a little faster. The longer you get, the more difficult it becomes to avoid crashing into your own tail. Do so, and the game ends. The game enjoyed a renaissance thanks to Nokia, which decided to pre-install the game onto its devices in 1998. But the idea has actually been around for much longer than that. The format of the game has mutated over the years, but arguably the first instance occurred back in 1976, in the arcade game Blockade. Blockade was a two-player competitive game rather than the classic solo experience we all know and love today. There wasn’t even a snake in it! But over time, developers have modified the game until it became the unmistakable arcade-puzzle experience to which so many gamers have become addicted over the years.This is a style of gaming that’s enraptured millions, long before Steve Jobs took to the stage to announce the very first iPhone. Nowadays, you’ll find hundreds of takes on the Snake formula on online stores for mobile games. But there’s a simpler way to enjoy this tried-and-trusted classic: here at Gamepix we provide Snake, and a range of variants, in HTML5. They’ll run on any device or browser, so why not set a high score right now?
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