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What are hunting games?

The thrill of the hunt is something people have been enjoying and sharing with their families for hundreds of years now, so it would seem only natural to replicate that tense, exhilarating atmosphere in a video game.Of course, those of us into our third decades will have had our first experiences with hunting on the original Nintendo with the highly addictive Duck Hunt. It was a game that included its own light gun and was one of the first video games to recreate the essence of hunting.Today, there are hundreds of hunting games available on all major gaming platforms and hundreds more available on smart devices and online platforms. Gamepix features some of the best, all of which have been redeveloped or developed natively in the uniquely flexible HTML5 coding language – this means they can be enjoyed anywhere by anyone.It doesn’t matter what your favoured prey might be. Duck, deer or even the more predictable clay pigeons are yours for the taking with an array of weaponry at your disposal.From first-person perspective simulation hunts to more zany games, our games are all engineered to offer the excitement and the anticipation of the hunt without the need to prepare your shotgun and get into your hunting apparel.The speed and flexibility of Gamepix also means you’ll be able to get started in no time at all. Just choose your game and click ‘play’ and you’ll be mounting up for your first hunt in seconds with no need to download or install anything.For the very best unblocked and 100% free-to-play hunting game experiences, Gamepix is truly the one and only place to hunt.
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