Hunting games

The Thrill of The Hunt

Hunting games are one of the most primal genres of video game. They appeal to something very deep in you, something that your ancestors knew well — the thrill of the hunt. Even to this day many of our leisure activities still often feel a little like hunting. Certainly lots of our folk stories are the stories of hunts. Hunting is part of who we are, even for those of us who don’t hunt!

Hunting In Games

Today, there are many hundreds of hunting games available across the major gaming platforms, smart devices and online portals.

Hunting video games offer some huge advantages for those of you who can’t go hunting in real life or just don’t want to.

  • Firstly, you can hunt anything you can imagine in a video game. Aside from all the animals that you’re unlikely to ever come across in real life, there are games where you can hunt dinosaurs or aliens or robots or zombies or monsters. The variety alone is a huge plus for the genre.
  • Your choice of weapons is equally vast. Aside from any firearm you can possibly think of, there are old-school hunting games that have you using a bow — or even a spear — to bring down your game. It’s the ultimate test of a true hunter: a long and exacting stalk to very close range then an explosive leap for the kill.
  • Hunting in real life can be very expensive! There’s a lot of equipment to buy and maintain and a lot of places need you to pay for licenses on top of that. Online hunting games, on the other hand, are free as long as you’re here on GamePix.

Duck Hunters Unite

Hunting games have been around since the very beginning of video games. Perhaps the most famous early hunting game was Duck Hunt for the NES. Released in 1984 it was a massive success and popularized the light gun in the form of the NES Zapper.

Despite the then-new technology that the game relied on, it couldn’t have been simpler in form. Ducks, or clay pigeons in an alternative mode, would appear on the screen and move across as if in flight. You would have three shots to hit one or two ducks and would lose a life if you failed to do so. It was hunting, pure and simple. It had no story as such, but it did have a character. Your in-game dog, called simply “dog” would help you with your hunt by flushing birds out of cover for you. It would also laugh at you if you missed shots!

Some Real Hunting Challenges

Of course, Duck Hunt seems very basic by the standard of modern hunting games. That’s the way it is with an industry that moves as fast as video games does.

Modern hunting games are more likely to be detailed simulation games, where you can tinker with every attribute of your hunting style, equipment and experience. Many of the better hunting sim games have extremely complex animal behavior to study and understand, with animals moving between locations over the course of each day, in response to the weather and disturbance by humans.

Hunting Games On GamePix

Whatever kind of hunting game you want, we have it for you here on GamePix. Like all of our games, our hunting games are completely free-to-play and work directly from your browser with nothing to download or install. All you need is an internet-capable device and access to the internet and you can be hunting with a single click or tap. We have an unrivalled selection of hunting games, including;

  • Classic duck-hunting action in games like Duck Hunter which will test your speed, reflexes and accuracy.
  • Dinosaur hunting games like Deadly Dinosaur Hunter Shooter and Dinosaur Hunting Dino Attack 3D, which have you closing the millions of years between humans and that most ferocious of animals.
  • Lighthearted takes on various staples of the hunting video game genre, whether you’re hunting chickens or robots, there are plenty of games here that deliver the same action in a much lighter tone.
  • Hunters And Props takes a familiar, prop-based twist that’s appeared in online FPS games and gives it a more hunt-focused feel. It’s asymmetric hunting at its absurd best!
  • Games like Wounded Winter A Lakota Story take hunting back to a much more traditional time with you playing as a Lakota native American, the last of your tribe to be permitted to keep a gun.
  • Water-based hunting games will see you hunting fish and sharks either from a raft or from the sea itself. It’s an exciting change to the hunting game formula.

Whether you want to use a laser cannon or a knife and whether you want to hunt deer or dinosaurs, we’ve got you covered. And with all our games absolutely free forever, there’s nothing to stop you stalking new terrain with each game until you find the place where your hunter’s instinct is strongest!


What is a hunting game?

You could say that a hunting game is any video game that features elements of hunting. The problem there is that so many games contain some element of hunting. Maybe you’re hunting treasure. Maybe you’re hunting emotional closure for your character. In some ways, every story we tell is really just the story of a hunt. To be a true hunting game though, the game needs to be about hunting itself — the literal act of tracking and killing your quarry. It should be about understanding that quarry, learning its habits, understanding the terrain, weather and weapons at your disposal and bringing it all together until your prey is at your feet.

Are hunting games fun?

Absolutely! Hunting games allow you to enjoy the peace and anticipation of stalking, the skill of lining up the perfect shot and the thrill of downing your quarry as skillfully as possible, all without you needing to leave your house, camp in the woods or even actually kill anything. There is a hunting game out there for every animal and just about everything else too, so you’ll never get bored. All of our hunting games here on GamePix are free to play and don’t need you to download anything. You can play them anywhere and on any device, so why not put down your scoped rifle, pick one up and get hunting today?

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