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What are pool games?

Pool, billiards, whatever you call it, there are plenty of ways to play and enjoy it here on Gamepix. By offering players the opportunity to play a variety of different pool-style games, in various settings and on a slew of different tables, we guarantee you’ll never get bored and will actually look forward to racking up the next game before you’ve finished your current one. In fact, you’ll probably start dreaming of pool tables and imagining your trick shots as you sleep! For novices, there are a number of traditional 8-ball games as well as those that offer more excitement, with fun light effects and designs reminiscent of pinball machines. If you consider yourself more of an expert, why not try some of the advanced 9-ball games? Whether you want to test your skill or accept a little help, you can find a pool game that will see you potting balls and clearing tables in no time. Similar to bumpers in bowling, you can even add in guide lines to ensure a clean pot, in some of our games, but don’t think of it as cheating; you’re simply improving your odds of success! Here at Gamepix, you’ll find plenty of pool games to put the fun back into potting. All presented in HTML5 formats, you won’t have to worry about any glitches or problems and nor will you need to download special software. Free to play and totally unblocked, all of our pool games offer you the chance to improve your shooting skills, from the comfort of your own home. Just don’t forget to show off your trick-shot prowess to your friends!
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