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What are anime games?

Anime is a movement that began as a big part of Japanese culture but has blossomed in recent years into a global obsession.Derived from the Japanese term for animation, the style is typified by colorful graphics, larger-than-life characters and themes that often have an undercurrent of social commentary. Anime has been popular in Japan since the early 20th century, but in the 1970s and 1980s it started to find an audience in the US, thanks to distributors finding space for the more ‘family-friendly’ cartoons on Saturday mornings. Over the years it gained a cult following, and by the 1990s it had taken a hold on the culture.This is largely thanks to groundbreaking series such as Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z that gave the genre many of its core foundations. Studio Ghibli, meanwhile, further legitimised the art form in the eyes of Americans, particularly following the well-deserved Best Animated Feature Oscar win of Spirit Away in 2003.As gaming and anime are both pillars of modern Japanese culture, it’s only natural that there are thousands of games created to tie-in with successful series and mangas (comic books). What is even more surprising is how the style has transcended its origins, to the extent that many popular modern gaming franchises (such as the popular Persona series) that have nothing to do with anime still decide to use the style.The anime games found on Gamepix cover every conceivable sub-genre. From dating sims to RPGs and everything in between, if you have even a slight interest in anime, you’ll be spoiled for choice.Whether you’re a card-carrying otaku or just had to Google that term and have never played a Final Fantasy game in your life, our HTML5 anime games will convert you.
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