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Role Playing Games

What are Role Playing Games?

Role-playing games have been around for many years. And even modern RPGs tend to draw many of their moves from the very first Dungeons & Dragons rules drawn up in the 1970s. They continued to evolve throughout the 1970s and 1980s and eventually made their way onto home computers and consoles with basic text-based adventures that put the player in the role of an adventurer who moved through a virtual maze using only text commands. The genre came of age in the late 1980s, with the more capable graphics of the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis allowing for deeper characters, more detailed graphics and more involving gameplay. The RPG games of today can take on many forms – from the more action-orientated likes of The Legend of Zelda to the turn-based, strategic Japanese RPGs (JRPGs) like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, which release new versions every few years and sell globally in their millions. The best thing about an RPG is that it can take almost any form. While the initial games were all set in typical swords-and-sorcery universes, the flexibility of the genre has been pushed to its limits by game developers who have experimented with everything from sci-fi (Mass Effect and Deus Ex) to Golf (Golf Story). PC and console gamers of today are treated to hundreds of RPG game releases every year, with many of them (like the incredible Witcher series) containing enough content to last gamers hundreds of hours. The games available on GamePix are just as compelling, and best of all, are all completely unblocked and free to play! They are also coded in HTML5, which means they can be played on almost any modern platform.
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