Mermaid games

The Mermaid Dream

Mermaid games help you live out your dream of being in an underwater fairytale and, as a result, are very popular. Escaping from everyday life to take part in a magical fantasy is a dream for many. Mermaid games have long been the best way to realize this dream. Of course, you can’t become a mermaid in reality, but there are a variety of mermaid games to help you emulate this experience. No matter what your preferred type of game, there’s bound to be plenty of titles here on GamePix to suit your tastes!

Mermaid Craze

Mermaids have always been well-known in traditional tales and folklore, but they didn’t make the jump to video games until 1991. Capcom developed the video game adaptation of “The Little Mermaid”, which was released that year. This title became the first major mermaid game.

Two years earlier, “The Little Mermaid” movie was released to an explosive audience response. The release of the movie kicked off a mermaid craze that has survived through to now. This is because the movie introduced one of the most iconic mermaids in pop culture, Ariel, to a wider audience. Children and adults alike delighted in the story of the mermaid finding not only love, but also finding herself.

Capcom translated the story of the movie directly into video game form. This original “Little Mermaid” title tasks players with completing stages and defeating Ursula, the evil sea witch. The game includes six different stages, with some taking place on land and others deep underwater. As one of the first in the genre of mermaid games, it was a huge success and spawned several sequels years later. These sequels are 1992’s “Ariel the Little Mermaid” and 2000’s “The Little Mermaid II”. While these would be the foundation of the mermaid games genre, they were nowhere near the last to be developed.

New Underwater Adventures

Since the time of the Disney adaptations, many developers have worked to continue the mermaid games genre into modern day. In fact, mermaid games have since been greatly expanded on to include many more game types and playstyles.

The best thing about these new mermaid games is that they are all available as online browser games. As well as this, games in this genre are designed to have simple, easy-to-learn controls. This way, you can be sure you’ll adjust very quickly to the controls and jump straight into immersing yourself in your mermaid story.

There are a huge selection of online mermaid games to get you started on your seafaring adventure. Depending on how you’d prefer to live your mermaid dreams, you’ll be able to:

  • Dress up your own personal mermaid avatar,
  • Solve fun and nautical-themed puzzles,
  • Play drawing and coloring-in games,
  • Avoid obstacles and collect coins in modernized mermaid platformers!

Playing Dress-Up

The GamePix collection of dress-up mermaid games is perfect for those who want to style their own mermaid avatar! You’ll be able to customize every part of your mermaid from head to fin!

You’ll be able to style your mermaid’s hair in just the right way and recolor it to match your chosen aesthetic. Then, it’ll be time to pick out your mermaid’s outfit! Choose carefully to make sure your outfit matches, or get silly with it and try some wacky clothing combinations! It’s always totally up to you how you style your character in these dress-up mermaid games.

You’ll also be able to use many different colors and styles of make-up to match your chosen outfit perfectly. You can even pick out specific nail art for your mermaid! At GamePix, you’ll never run out of combinations and styles to keep your mermaid looking on trend!

Mermaid Puzzling and Painting

If you’re looking for some nautical-themed brain-teasers or a casual puzzling experience, there’s plenty to choose from at GamePix! You might enjoy a mermaid twist on the classic match-3 formula for relaxing and colorful puzzles. On the other hand, you may prefer more traditional jigsaw puzzles. Either way, you can jump straight into solving puzzles with simple gameplay and easy-to-learn controls!

For games that require a more artistic approach, you might like to try one of the many mermaid-themed drawing and coloring titles! There’s a game of this type for everyone, regardless of your artistic knowledge or skill level. There are straightforward and casual games in which you can color in beautiful mermaid art however you like. If you’d prefer something a little more complex, there are a variety of art tracing and drawing games available too! Whatever your favorite way of creating mermaid art, these mermaid games provide hours of fun for all ages!

Swim to the Goal

The mermaid games genre only improved from the days of the original “Little Mermaid” platformers. This means there are plenty of brand new mermaid platformers for you to dive into! In fact, developers have been releasing scores of new titles in this subgenre as online browser games!

With slick controls and striking visuals, these mermaid games will see you dive and swim your way through levels to reach the goal! Like many traditional platformers, you’ll need to avoid obstacles and enemies, as well as collect lots of coins to get a high score. This tried and true formula is what makes platformers so consistently fun and engaging. Thanks to the mermaid theme and the cute character designs, you’ll be swimming back to these seabound platformers over and over!

Mermaid Fun at GamePix

There are so many ways to immerse yourself in the fairytale world of mermaids. When you’re ready to dive in, all of the GamePix collection of mermaid games are available for you to play right now! No matter how or where you prefer to play, you can dive back in at any time. GamePix mermaid games are accessible on any device or on any browser! As well as this, all of these mermaid games are completely free-to-play. Your next nautical adventure is waiting for you right now, so take the plunge today!


Are mermaid games free?

All of the GamePix library of mermaid games are always completely free-to-play and accessible to all!

Why are mermaid games so popular?

The fantasy of leaving everyday life behind for a while and entering your own personal fairytale is a dream held by many people. Online mermaid games are the best way to live this dream, as you’re able to play a variety of different genres from dressing-up to solving puzzles. The best place to start your new double life as a mermaid is right here on GamePix!

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