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What are worm games?

Ever since the release of Worms back in 1995, worm games have been extremely popular. There’s just something about the wriggling motion and the natural ability to translate it into a fun arcade-style game that works so well. Even mobile phones had a worm-style game on them, back in the day, because we couldn’t get enough of guiding our long friends around a tiny screen. Things have moved on dramatically since then and now, worm games have become a mix of Pac-Man-style objectives with a dash of peril in the sense that if you catch up to your own ever-increasing tail, you’ll die and the game will be over. Don’t get us wrong, we know how simple worm games sound; you just scoot around the screen, eating food, collecting bonuses and getting longer. That’s not too hard, right? Well, at first it is deceptively easy, but as things speed up and your worm gets larger, you’ll struggle to navigate it into spots that won’t eventually box you in and leave you with no way of escaping. So although these games seem very basic at the beginning, you’ll soon find that strategy and forward planning become essential. A bit like chess, only with worms, not game pieces! You can even play versions that see other people and their worms invading your game screen, for some extra excitement. We bet you never knew that worms could fight! Here at Gamepix, we have collected some of the most fun and addictive worm games and offer them to you in HTML5, so that you can be sure of uninterrupted gaming, without the need to download new software. All browsers and devices will work with our games as well and you’ll never be asked to pay to play. Totally free and unblocked, our games are ready to be enjoyed, so grab your worm and start wriggling!
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