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What are golf games?

Golf is a sport that seems custom-made for the video-game treatment. Unlike team sports like soccer or basketball, golf is all about the individual player. It also relies heavily on strategy and technique, which are both factors at play in a video game.Golfing games have been part of the gaming landscape for a long time. Some of the earliest video games were sports adaptations and golf was an obvious choice, to the extent that it appeared on the very first commercial video game platform (the Magnavox Odyssey) way back in 1979.Throughout the 1980s, the Atari and Nintendo consoles that ruled the market on both sides of the Atlantic also had their shot at the title of the perfect video golf game, but it wasn’t until the mid-1990s that EA struck a hole in one with their PGA Tour franchise.Headlined by the one and only Tiger Woods, these games set the standard for what a golf game could be and continue to set the standard to this day. The Tiger Woods games are more simulation than arcade game. It was Nintendo that perfected the idea of a less serious golf game with its Mario Golf series. Sony also had a good go with their Everybody’s Golf games, but it was the advent of free online games that brought golf games to the masses.Our range of HTML5 golf games represent the very best that the genre has to offer, whether that’s golfing in space, playing a few rounds of mini-golf on courses too wild to exist in the real world, or practising your swing on the driving range.Whether you’re after a more authentic simulation or a fun little arcade game you can spend a few minutes with while you wait for the bus, Gamepix is always available for a quick 18 holes.
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