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Hole in One!

In this section of our site you will find all of our amazing golf games! When it comes to the expansive world of sports, golf seems custom-made for the video-game treatment. Golf games are a perfect translation of the real thing into the digital gaming world. You could even say online golf games are a hole in one for everyone involved!

We at GamePix love golf and our range of free golf games is proof of that! Put your skills to the test and experience the thrilling and entertaining world of golf from the comfort of your own screen! There is zero hassle involved! Just choose any golf game and start playing! If that sounds good then our online golf games are the perfect choice for you!

From the Green to the Screen

Some of the earliest video games were sports adaptations and golf was an obvious choice! Golf games appeared on the very first commercial video game platform way back in 1979. All through the 1980s video game companies had their shot at the title of the perfect golf game.

So it is clear that golf games have been part of the gaming landscape for a long time, but what makes golf and more importantly online golf games such engaging and fantastic choices for game lovers is the fact that, unlike team sports like soccer or basketball, golf and golf video-games are all about the individual player. That means you! All you need is yourself and the desire to play all of the amazing golf games that GamePix has to offer!

Par, Birdie and Bogey

Golf itself relies heavily on strategy and technique, which are both factors at play in video games. This is one of the main reasons why it is so incredibly rewarding when you manage to putt the ball and score! Whether it is a hole in one, a par, a birdie or a bogey, we have got it all! It may go without saying but you don’t have to worry about not putting the ball on the first try! The amazing thing about all of our free online golf games is that you can always play and replay any of them as much as you want without worry or stress! We at GamePix love golf games and we know you will get that hole in one in no time!

To truly understand the impact that golf games have had in video games as a whole and especially in our catalog of online golf games, let’s look at some of the most influential titles in the field. Titles that have changed all golf games for the better! These games have paved the way for our amazing range of golf games that not only represent the very best the genre has to offer, but that you will get to play and enjoy!

These are some of the most influential golf games and a brief look at what makes them unique:

  • Professional Golfers Association Tour: EA struck a hole in one with this golf video game! These games set the standard for what a golf game could be and continue to set the standard to this day. These golf games are more simulation golf experiences than arcade golf games.
  • Mario Golf: It was Nintendo that perfected the idea of a less serious golf game with its Mario Golf series. These golf games are zany and have all of the fun that golf can offer, packed into the digital video game world.
  • Everybody’s Golf: Sony also had a go with this golf game. Featuring cartoon characters, it also included a mini golf game to play and replay for hours!
  • Golf with your Friends: This online golf game is enjoyed by many who share a passion for golf and want to play golf games with friends wherever they might be. It shows that golf unites everyone with a fun challenge!

All of these golf games share one very important word in their titles: Golf! The love for golf runs deep and we at GamePix share that same love for golf games!

Golf Games on GamePix

It was the advent of free online games that brought golf games to everyone. And we at GamePix offer all golf lovers a huge variety of fun and highly entertaining free online golf games! All of them are instantly playable without any extra requirements. Whether you want to golf in space, play a few rounds of mini golf on courses too wild to exist in the real world or practice your swing on the driving range we have got you covered!

Here are some of the amazing, fun and thrilling free online golf games you will find on GamePix:

  • Mini Golf Club: If you are looking for a smaller arena to play your fun games of golf then Mini Golf Club is the game for you! But don’t be fooled! It may be mini golf but the challenge is still big!
  • There is only one way to be crowned the king or queen of golf and that is by playing! Test your mettle and fight for the crown in this amazing golf game!
  • Just Golf: You are looking to play golf games. We have the most straightforward solution for you! The fantastic Just Golf game is simply too fun to be true. It’s just golf but so much better!
  • Arcade Golf Neon: You can now play online golf games in a dynamic, zany and colorful environment with Arcade Golf Neon! Golf just leveled up with this addition to your golf games catalog!

As you can see, with our vast catalog of free online golf games you don't have to choose between a more authentic simulation of golf and a fun, zany little arcade golf game. You will have them all, free to play instantly through your online web browser! Whether you are comfortably sitting in your living room or waiting for the bus, playing your favorite online golf games has never been easier. At GamePix we are always ready and available for a hole in one! We hope you are ready to play these amazing golf games too!


Can I play golf games at home?

Yes! You can play all of the online golf games that GamePix offers anywhere! All you need is a device with a web browser. Just choose any golf game to start playing instantly! There is no need to download or install anything else, just choose and play. It really is that simple!

Can I score a hole in one in any of these golf games?

Absolutely! We expect nothing less from our fellow golf game lovers! If you think you have what it takes to score a hole in one then try out any of our golf games and see for yourself!

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