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What are cool games?

Cool is one of those words that will be around forever. While we might not call things ‘rad’ or ‘funky’ or ‘groovy’ or ‘hip’ anymore, we still call them cool. And in the future, when we’ve stopped saying that things are ‘dope’ or ‘fire’ or ‘sick’, we’ll still be calling them cool. Because the word cool is, for lack of a better word, cool!When it comes to video games, cool is definitely a good thing to be. Although not all good games are cool, all cool games are definitely cool. Football Manager and Train Simulator might well be great games, but they're not cool. For a game to be cool, it needs to have a sense of style, and take risks.There are times when games companies try to make their games cool artificially. Gamers might remember Cool Spot on the Genesis and the SNES. The titular character was a big red spot with sunglasses and sneakers (because both of these things were identified by 7 Up executives as cool). Being a mascot for a soft-drinks company isn’t what you might consider cool, and gamers preferred games that were actually fun to play, like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.Toejam and Earl provided an antidote to all this: they were alien visitors who wore high tops, backwards baseball caps and sunglasses, satirizing the 1990s' counterculture that spawned Cool Spot – now, that was cool!If you’re looking for cool games to play, then this part of the Gamepix website will provide them in abundance. They come in a range of styles and genres, but they’re all united by their distinct coolness. And, being made in HTML5, they’re playable on any device that comes with a capable browser. It doesn’t get cooler than that!
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