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What are skateboard games?

Ever since 720° was released by Atari in 1986, skateboarding games have been popular, but it was when Tony Hawk burst onto our screens with Pro Skater that things really kicked up a gear. Maybe it’s because not everybody can master riding a real life skateboard, let alone be able to ollie, kickflip and pull a fakie, or perhaps it’s just that controlling a virtual skater and creating amazing trick routines is a challenge. Whatever the reason for skateboard games being so irresistible, Gamepix has plenty to choose from. You don’t just have to play against yourself, trying to perfect your fancy footwork, as there are downhill races, story-based games and competitions to take part in. You might not have the equipment or confidence to go down to your local halfpipe, drop in and start hanging out with everybody there, but you can do exactly that online, all from the comfort of your favourite gaming chair. What’s more, you don’t have to stop playing once you finally nail a difficult trick, as there are always more levels, harder flips and higher scores to chase. Here at Gamepix, we’ve got your four-wheeled ambitions covered with a range of HTML5 games that are unblocked and totally free to play. You won’t need to download any alternative software or worry about which browser or device you’re using, as everything will work perfectly, leaving you free to grab your helmet, slip on your Vans and grab your favourite deck.
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