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What are pirate games?

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! If you’ve ever fancied shouting these words while standing either at the wheel of your own ship or up in the crow’s nest, you’ll love playing our selection of pirate games that will have you forgetting all about life on dry land. You’ll be surprised by the variety of games on offer that will see you fighting other pirates, trying to steer your ship through treacherous waters and even plundering villages, so let’s hope you don’t choose a character with a wooden leg, so you can run away when things get scary! Of course, you can keep things simple and just sail the seven seas looking for treasure, but where’s the fun in that when there are shipwrecks to deal with and other pirates to defeat in order to win all of the precious booty? You’ll have to use all of your cunning, as well as your sword-fighting skills, cannon-firing abilities and swashbuckling tendencies to stay afloat and on top. Playing pirate games really is the best way to get a feel for a life at sea, without any risk of scurvy, dehydration or sea sickness, so you can’t really lose! Here at Gamepix, we have brought together a selection of the best online pirate games that will have you singing sea shanties at the top of your voice and renouncing your ties to dry land. All presented in HTML5, you won’t need to concern yourself with device or browser compatibility, as all will work smoothly. Plus, you don’t want to be shelling out for expensive gaming while you’re trying to accrue pirate loot, which is why all of our games are unblocked and totally free to play. It’s time to raise the Jolly Roger and set sail. Fun ahoy!
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