Bejeweled games

The History of Bejeweled Games

In 2001 a browser-based puzzle game changed the gaming world forever. It has been downloaded more than 150 million times and adapted to many platforms and devices. That game is Bejeweled.

Like all great puzzlers there is a simplicity to bejeweled games. They are easy to pick up, feature cool animation and can be incredibly tricky to master. Candy Crush Saga, released on Facebook in 2012, is a bejeweled game so popular that it has been downloaded over three billion times, generating billions of dollars for its creators. If you look at the history of video games, this bejeweled game is as important as any platform, sport, adventure or action game ever made.

How to Play Bejeweled Games

The goal of bejeweled games is for players to swap adjacent gems until they match three or more in a row. These will then vanish, causing a ripple effect of changing gems. Every time you match gems you score points. When new chains form and more gems are matched, the gems vanish in a spectacular multi-colored cascade, and you watch as your score gets higher and higher. This is why these games can be so addictive and people cannot stop playing. More than ten billion hours have been put into bejeweled games since they were first created by the people at PopCap Games. Part of the reason for their astonishing success is that anyone can play them. The pursuit of high scores and the sense of accomplishment at completing a level or unlocking spectacular cascades contributes to the genre’s enduring popularity—and that popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

The Bejeweled Game Industry is Worth Billions

If you have ever had idle time on your phone, the chances are you have experienced some form of bejeweled game. Take a look around the next time you are on a bus, and you will almost certainly see someone matching crystals and gems on the screen in front of them. The game’s creators once offered the franchise to Microsoft for fifty thousand dollars, but they were turned down. Just a decade later they sold the company to Electronic Arts for more than one billion dollars. That’s what we call a success story!

Playing Games is Essential for Your Brain

Bejeweled games are often played as a quick and stress-free pastime during short breaks or idle moments. These fast-paced games allow players to engage in a fun, safe activity without needing to own a console, spend money or commit too much time and energy. Bejeweled games offer elements that require players to think ahead and plan their moves. Every minute of the day millions of people across the world are matching gems and crystals. Playing games online can enhance cognitive skills such as decision making and problem solving. Most of all, the brain craves fun—and there is plenty of that when you are playing bejeweled games!

Bejeweled Blitz, a bejeweled game on Facebook, has ten million active users every day. There is a simplicity to the game, but it is good for your brain too. It can be intellectually stimulating to analyze the board, identify potential matches and strategize to create powerful combinations. Completing challenging levels and picking up high scores can also provide a sense of achievement and motivation. With some levels it can be helpful to take a break from the game before returning, determined that this time you will get to the all-important next level.

Bejeweled Games at GamePix

Gems, diamonds and crystals can cascade for hours with the online bejeweled games at GamePix, all available to play immediately and for free. Start matching those blocks and you’ll see why these games are so popular! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Toy Match and Toy Match 2 are puzzle games with colorful graphics and quests. There are 25 missions that allow you to unlock levels and find special multi-colored blocks. The tension is increased by countdown timers and added bonuses, like spinning the wheel to score extra points!
  • Ocean Crash combines the most popular elements of bejeweled games with a Tetris-style tactical game as you match pieces falling from the top of the screen. Can you pair the starfish with the dolphin? The octopus with the crab? Each of these animals make their own delightful noises as they cascade down the screen. This is a game that children of all ages are guaranteed to love!
  • Frogtastic sees you control a frog as it fires multicolored marbles from its mouth. This fun game has the unique quality of putting you in control of your destiny, and relies on your skills and quick wits.

People Can’t Get Enough of Bejeweled Games!

Bejeweled games at GamePix offer stress relief and relaxation. People love playing for the colors and sounds that are made as you create chains and match crystals. In addition, they offer a unique blend of mental focus, discipline and enjoyment. Online bejeweled games can be meditative and calming, and often provide a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you reach each goal and complete a new level. They can be exhilarating and rewarding too.

Many of the bejeweled games here at GamePix offer online leaderboards so you can try and beat your best friend’s highest score (or your own)! On-screen instructions make learning new games a snap, and the games are frequently updated with new features and special twists, so even if you’re familiar with the classic rules there is always something to keep you on your toes!

What You Need

The games rely on a few basic elements, and they can usually be picked up in seconds. Whether playing for fun, to relieve stress or to try and beat your high score there are hours of fun to be had lining up crystals, matching gems and creating satisfying chains.

We have a wide selection of online bejeweled games here at GamePix. All of them are free browser games, meaning they are available on any device with a web browser. All you need to do is choose which game to play and start having fun!


Can children play bejeweled games?

Children love bejeweled games. As long as they are playing safely there is no reason to stop children from experiencing endless entertainment by enjoying these fun and challenging games.

Will I lose money playing online?

Our bejeweled games here at GamePix never ask you to use real-life money. There is no “offer of the day” and there are no special deals tempting you to part with your hard-earned money. Everything we do here is free to play with no additional extras.

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