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What are battle royale games?

In recent years, the Battle Royale genre has taken off spectacularly thanks to the success of Fortnite – a game that has come to define a generation of young gamers. Its roots, however, stretch back much further.The name is derived from the iconic Japanese thriller of the same name, which saw a group of petulant teenagers abandoned on an island and told that the only one allowed to leave was the last one left alive.It’s a pretty sinister concept that was popularised even further in film by the Hunger Games series, but in gaming it was always seen as more of a standalone ‘mode’ than a gaming concept in its own right. But the ‘last man standing’ concept has been around in gaming for generations, as anyone who has ever played Bomberman will agree.There were a few mods in Minecraft and ARMA 2 that hinted at the Battle Royale genre in the early 2010s, but it wasn’t until PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was launched in 2017 that it became its own legitimate genre. The success of PUBG led to the creation of Fortnite, and the rest is history.Today, thousands of companies are taking the Fortnite template and adapting it to various genres. Even Nintendo had a go at turning the puzzle game on its head as a Battle Royale Game with Tetris 99.On Gamepix, you’ll find dozens of the best free and unblocked Battle Royale games, all running natively on HTML5 for your convenience. As these games are perfectly suited to quick bursts of pick-up-and-play action, they are right at home here and can be enjoyed by anyone anywhere.So, whether you’re catching a few precious minutes to yourself during your lunch break, relaxing on the home computer after work or school, or letting off some steam during the daily commute, our Battle Royale games are here to lend a helping hand (or grenade launcher).
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