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What are world cup games?

The FIFA World Cup is the most widely-viewed sporting tournament in the world, beating even the Olympic Games into second place. Every time the final rolls around, several hundred million people crowd around TV screens across the world. Any event that attracted this much attention is sure to have plenty of video games made in its honor and there have been dozens of World-Cup inspired games over the years, and some officially licensed by the tournament itself. That’s on top of all the standard soccer games that have included some form of international tournament.The first World Cup game, World Cup Carnival, was based on the 1986 World Cup, and came from Arctic Computing. The game’s development was plagued with problems, and when it became clear that it would not be ready in time for the tournament, the company bought the rights to an older soccer game and rebranded it.This didn’t go down well with the paying public, and the rights for the 1990 tournament in Italy were acquired by Virgin Mastertronic. The game, World Cup Soccer: Italia '90, was based on an arcade game released the previous year, and arrived on a range of systems before being ported by Sega to its Master System and Genesis consoles. The 1994 tournament tie-in was released by Tiertex and US Gold for Genesis, NES, and a range of other systems. By the time the 1998 tournament arrived, EA Sports had acquired the license – and it ported the game to the 3D side-on perspective we’re familiar with today.If you’re looking for a World Cup game, you’ll find plenty of HTML5 titles to choose from here, each of them free and unblocked and available to play on any system with a compatible web browser.
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