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What are memory games?

Released in 2005, Nintendo’s Brain Age was one of the genre’s pioneers. Players loved it because it could be used to train your brain in just a couple of minutes a day. Each task was designed to keep a certain part of the brain active, with options including sudoku, Stroop tests and mathematical questions. Now, Lumosity regularly comes at the top of the charts when people review brain training games and apps. It offers an ever-expanding set of cognitive and scientific games all designed to improve your working memory. The games are all supposed to be played regularly, and they slowly train your brain to focus on the right things and ignore what isn’t required. It’s so popular and useful that more than 60 million people have downloaded it. People who want to improve their brain speed and focus often choose Fit Brains Trainer, which has more than 360 games and puzzles to play and solve. It’s skillfully designed so that levels get more difficult as your memory improves, so you’ll never struggle for a challenge. Players love memory games because they feel like they’re spending their free time productively, building their skills and improving their memories. Our range of memory games includes a number of titles that can help train your brain the way you want. They don’t take much time to play, either. So you can start improving your memory in a matter of minutes. On Gamepix, all our memory games are free, unblocked and presented in HTML5, so you can play them on any device. They’re easy to play too and you’ll work your way through the levels in no time. With our memory games, you’ll have an unforgettable time.
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