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What are piano games?

Being able to play a musical instrument is really special, but some are harder to master than others. If you struggle to play a simple tune on a piano, fear not, as we have a host of piano games to try, each of which will have you feeling like Mozart in no time. Ideal for players of all ages, and novices and experts alike, our piano games offer you the best of every world in the sense that you can learn to play beautiful music, without having to make space in your home for a grand piano or needing to be able to sight-read music. Young players will enjoy the more colorful and oversized keyboard games, which make learning fun, while those looking to impress with their musical abilities can learn the basics before choosing a more unusual instrument to display their prowess on. A regular piano is all very well and good, but how about playing on a Hammond organ or a baby grand? Before you know it, you’ll be tinkling the ivories with natural flair and grace, putting the black keys to good use in more sombre pieces and heading to the far right of the keyboard to create some twinkly and pretty sounds on the whites. Here at Gamepix, we have brought together the best piano games to help you reach your dream musician status. All presented in HTML5, they are free to play, unblocked and need nothing in the way of special or extra software to be downloaded. You will be able to play beautiful music, using just your keyboard, regardless of device or browser type. So what are you waiting for? Carnegie Hall won’t play itself and the crowds are waiting!
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