Piano games

Piano games are available for players of any skill set to enjoy. Maybe you’re a professionally trained pianist who wants to spend a couple of free minutes having fun online. Maybe you’re slowly learning the piano and need that extra bit of reassurance on a smaller scale. Perhaps you long to tickle the ivories but your intense stage fright means you can’t bear the thought of being watched or heard by anyone. Or maybe you simply want to play a merry tune, just for fun. Whatever your motivation is, our range of online piano games will keep you entertained for hours.

The Player

Mastering a musical instrument is truly something to aspire to, but some instruments are much harder to get to grips with than others. Whether it’s more difficult to afford the instrument in order to practice, or whether it’s just much more difficult to grasp the techniques, sometimes you just feel like giving up. If you struggle to play a simple tune on a piano then fear not, as we have a whole series of online piano games for you to try. And all of them will have you tinkering away and feeling like Mozart in no time!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, or what skill set you have—our piano games will give you the best experience possible. Whether you’re a novice or an expert you’ll be picturing sell-out shows in no time! With our games you can learn to play beautiful music incredibly quickly—all without paying hundreds of dollars for piano instructors or spending hours searching for that perfect instrument.

The Benefits of Piano Games

We understand that learning an instrument takes a lot of time, money and commitment, so here at GamePix we’ve taken all of those pressures away! Our piano games offer you the best experience possible, without the years of training or the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars spent. Instruments take up a lot of space—finding the perfect spot in your home for a grand piano can be a lot of work and a whole lot of rearranging. With online piano games the only space you need is a place for you to stand or sit—it's that simple! You don’t need to learn to sight-read music, you just need to know how to follow basic instructions!

With piano games there truly is something for everyone. Young players will be captivated by the colorful and oversized keyboard games on offer. These engaging elements really do make learning fun—before you know it, you might be looking at the next Beethoven! We also have games designed to teach players the essential skills that will allow them to progress to a more unusual instrument—perfect for those who are looking to show off their untapped musical abilities. How would you like to delicately tinkle the ivories of a baby grand, or dazzle your friends with an unhinged performance on a Hammond organ? Before you know it, with piano games, you’ll be moving with such grace that audiences will be powerless to resist your musical mastery.

Types of Pianos

Before you get started online, it’s always good to know a little about the instrument you’ll be learning. The piano is a keyboard instrument, meaning it is played using a keyboard—a row of levers which you press, in various combinations, with your fingers. The most well-known keyboard instruments are electronic keyboards, organs and, of course, the piano. The invention of the piano can be credited to Bartolomeo Cristofori, but the precise date is something of a mystery. Pianos have come a long way over the years, but their mechanisms have mostly stayed the same.

  • The Grand Piano: Full-size grand pianos are the type you see in concert halls, as they have a particularly beautiful quality of tone. Smaller grand pianos are occasionally used in teaching studios, or for domestic use. These types of pianos have horizontal frames and strings. The longer the string, the richer the sound.
  • The Upright Piano: These pianos are more compact, as both the frame and the strings are vertical. These pianos are better suited for domestic use because of their stature, taking up considerably less space. They are also much less expensive, so are used more widely.
  • Specialized Piano: There are many types of specialized piano, including the toy piano, the pedal piano and the silent piano.
  • Electric, Electronic, and Digital Pianos: The electric piano became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, particularly in the genres of jazz fusion, rock and funk. With greater technological advances these pianos are changing more rapidly, gaining more features and sounds over time.

Piano Games

Piano Tiles was launched in 2014 by Umoni Studio. It is a single-player mobile game that features various modes to alter gameplay and sound. In the game, the player is only allowed to hit the black tiles as they appear, resulting in a piano sound. If a white tile is hit the player loses the game, and an off-tune note is played. Within a month, this game was the most downloaded app on Android and iOS.

Rhythm Sprout is a single-player game released in 2023 by tinyBuild. It is a fast-paced rhythm action game with original music. To progress through the levels you need to step to the rhythm and fight antagonists, all while following a fun character story throughout. All the music is original, and there is a beat in there for everyone to enjoy.

Piano Games on GamePix

Here on GamePix, we have an online piano game for everyone! If you’re wanting to learn to play a tune, The Simple Piano is the option for you—it is the perfect way to get familiar with the keys and notes of any piano. There's no game aspect to it, just the opportunity to play and experiment in the privacy of your own browser.

If you like coloring more than you like playing, Bts Piano Coloring Book is the perfect title for you. You don’t need to worry about playing the right note—you are simply free to color musical scenes at your leisure.

All of our games are free and can be played anywhere you like on any suitable browser!


How can I play piano games?

Here at GamePix we have pulled together some of the best piano games around, with each title designed to help you reach your musical goals. You will be free to play beautiful music wherever you are, since a web browser is the only equipment required. These games are available to play on any online device, so what are you waiting for? Those ivories won’t tinkle themselves!

Can I play piano games for free?

All of our online piano games are totally free at GamePix! They are available to play anywhere on any online device with a web browser, so you don’t even need to buy or download any extra software. It couldn’t be easier to woo your crowd!

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