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What are granny games?

In November 2017, the horror-puzzle genre received a new and bizarre new addition: Granny. The premise of the game was simple, and provided a new take on a familiar format. Debuting on Android, the game was swiftly ported to iOS, then PC the following year.At the start of the game, the player awakes in a darkened basement to discover that they’ve been captured by a strange old woman named Granny. Armed with only a flashlight, the player had to navigate their way out of the house, being careful to avoid making a sound along the way.For such an apparently old and feeble woman, Granny has excellent hearing: and she’s able to move surprisingly quickly to the area where you’ve made the noise. To make things even more difficult, she leaves a bunch of traps lying around to ensnare unwary escapees, along with dangerous pets.To get the best out of Granny games, you’ll need to be listening to it as well as watching it. The sounds you make, and the sounds Granny makes, will provide you with clues as to how to escape. If Granny should catch you, you’ll be able to fend her off – but only temporarily; you’ll have a few days to escape before she closes the doors on you forever.Such a simple premise has been endlessly recycled and varied to provide more of a challenge to those with nerves strong enough to cope with a scenario this terrifying – and you’ll find plenty of those variants here.Presented in HTML5, the games in this section of the site are modelled after Granny and horror games like it. They’re unblocked and free to play, so all you’ll need is a suitable device with a compatible web browser – and, of course, nerves of steel. Don’t play these games in the dark!
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