Granny games

If you’re looking for interesting and exhilarating horror puzzles, online granny games are just the thing for you! With all the tension of your favorite escape room-based games alongside an intriguing—yet terrifyingantagonist, you’ll have a blast with games like Granny’s Mansion or Scary Granny: Basement Escape.

The Granny

Grannies. Everyone knows them, everyone loves them. They’re known for pinching your cheeks and handing out hard candy. They’ll slip you a few extra dollars to buy yourself a treat, they’ll tell you how much you’ve grown and talk to you about the good old days. Maybe you’ll help somebody’s grandmother across the street or happily accept an extra helping of the apple pie she made. They’re comforting, often predictable, and are there to offer warm embraces. But many video game grandmas could not be more different.

The Survival Horror Game

Inspired by masses of horror fiction, the horror game genre often has one goal in mind: survive. These survival horror games can be traced back as far as 1979 and saw a real boom in the ‘80s, mirroring the success of the horror genre at movie theaters. This decade gave us hits such as the 1982 game Haunted House, made for the Atari 2600, and the 1989 Nintendo Entertainment System game Sweet Home—the inspiration for the incredibly popular 1996 PlayStation game, Resident Evil. Like many other survival horror games, Haunted House leaned into the puzzle-solving aspect of the genre rather than focusing on violence to escape. The puzzle aspect of survival games creates a buzzworthy level of tension—your survival literally depends on how quickly you can solve a task. When you combine that with horror your heart is racing at every creak of the floorboards, or whenever an enemy walks past your hiding spot. Horror puzzles have all you need to kick-start that adrenaline rush, especially as antagonists can range from aliens and ghosts to werewolves and zombies. The gaming industry, however, then decided to test the waters with a less supernatural type of villain.

The Ghastly Granny

In 2017 a new breed of character was introduced to the horror-puzzle game genre. It was unexpected and bizarre, taking the gaming world a little by surprise. The indie game Granny went viral, gaining fame and stellar reviews across a wide variety of social media platforms. It was a simple game, taking the familiar format of the escape room horror and adding its own exciting take with this oddly terrifying antagonist, contradicting the wholesome grandmother stereotype. The game debuted on Android and after initial success it soon became available on iOS, later arriving on PC in 2018.

The Game

At the start of the game you awaken in a darkened basement, only to discover that you’ve been captured by a strange old woman named Granny. Armed with only a flashlight you must navigate your way out of the house, being careful to avoid making a sound along the way. During your five or six days of entrapment you need to tap into your puzzle-solving brain, evading Granny the entire time. As you quietly move through the house you’ll face a series of tasks, like repairing an old car or deactivating the door alarm. Solving these problems will help you to remove the locks on the front door or vault door, allowing you to make your great escape from Granny.

As you move around the house you need to avoid Granny at all costs. You also need to look out for the numerous bear traps she has set, or violent pets she has let out—all in an attempt to hinder your escape. You need to keep your eyes and ears open for Granny because she’ll be searching for you the entire time, relying on any of the sounds you make. She may appear old and feeble but do not underestimate her; she has excellent hearing and can move surprisingly quickly to the area she has heard movement from. The game plays with, and relies upon, the senses—any move you make can get you caught, but it might also be the clue you need to work out your escape.

The Dos and Don’ts of Granny Games

These online games are never easy, and if you’re not careful you run the risk of being caught and sent back to the beginning of your escape. So, how do you become the perfect escapee?

  • Avoid falling down the stairs
  • Keep an eye out for Granny’s pet spider or any other traps
  • Try not to get knocked unconscious
  • Make Granny unconscious or temporarily blind her
  • Set your own traps or make use of the weapons you find lying around
  • Keep as quiet as you can
  • Never underestimate Granny

GamePix Granny Games

Here on GamePix we have tons of online granny survival games ready and waiting for you to play. All you have to do is open up your web-enabled device and get going! From the classic Granny to the hidden object-based Granny Hidden Skull Shadows, we have a wide variety here. Just keep your eyes open and alert and you’ll have a blast on GamePix.

These games are scary and action-filled, but don’t forget the main objectives of the games: survive and escape. To get through these games you’ll need nerves of steel, a love for challenging scenarios and a light—our granny games are not ones to play in the dark!


How can I play granny games?

All you need to do to play our selection of granny games is switch on your device and use a compatible web browser to visit our GamePix website. If you can get online, you can play absolutely anywhere—whether on a break from studying in the library, in your room as you wind down for the evening or even on the train! And the totally amazing news is that they’re completely free!

What is a horror puzzle game?

Horror puzzle games are designed to test your wits, nerves and survival instincts. These online games put you in terrifying scenarios where you’re forced to take in your surroundings, keep your cool and figure out how to survive. Whether you’ve been captured or you’ve wandered into deadly woods and found yourself lost, you will have to escape this nightmare. During these games you’ll be met with various tasks, puzzles and challenges, all of which lead you closer to the taste of freedom.

What are the most popular granny?