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What are checkers games?

Checkers (also known as Draughts) is a game with a lineage that stretches back thousands of years and has been delighting gamers of all ages for generations.The idea is simple – players line their game pieces up on a 10x10 board and move diagonally, jumping over opposing pieces to claim them. It’s a game with endless strategic possibilities, which is why it has stood the test of time.It’s a game that translates remarkably well to the screen and works well on smart devices, given the simple nature of the controls. Dragging and dropping pieces feels perfectly responsive and games are very quick to complete.All of our free and completely unblocked checkers games are coded in HTML5, which means they can be played on just about any device you can imagine – from your smartphone to your smart TV. As long as it has a web browser then you’re good to go!The beauty of a game of checkers is that you’ll never experience the same game twice and you’ll always come away from it having learned something that will help you gain the upper hand next time. Whether you’re playing a range on increasingly intelligent computer opponents or other human players from across the world, there is always a new technique to learn and perfect.Whilst you might assume there is very little you can do with a checkers game other than a straight adaptation, there have been hundreds released in the past few decades, many of which offer surprisingly deep and inventive twists on the standard formula.The core game itself, however, has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years and at Gamepix, we understand exactly why that is – if it ain’t broke, why fix it? And there’s absolutely nothing broken about our checkers games!
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